Five Tips For Painting Your Ceiling in Ambler, PA

2021-03-20 Aspen Painting Wallcovering Painting Ceiling Tips

5 Tips For Painting Your Ceiling in Ambler, PA

When you’re trying to improve the look of one of your interior rooms, one thing you can do that seems a bit out of the ordinary (but makes sense if you think about it) is to paint the ceiling.

You may wonder why this is necessary as the ceiling is something that could be considered a rather drab and plain surface in any given room — but this does not necessarily have to be the case.

With a bit of creativity and some hard work, you can update any given room in your home and have a ceiling that stands out above others in your home.

Let’s now look at and consider five tips for painting your ceiling in Ambler, PA.

1. Have A Good Way To Reach The Ceiling

It should be pretty clear that you’re going to have to have a way to reach the ceiling if you want to have any hope of painting it properly.

Though there are a number of ways to reach it, two of the best ways are to either use a ladder or to use a telescoping handle for your paint roller.

It may seem an okay idea to build your own scaffolding system but it’s difficult to build correctly, possibly dangerous, and quite difficult to move from place to place, unlike the other two options.

2. Sanding Is Appropriate

In many areas of painting surfaces, one of the important steps is to sand and in the case of painting your ceiling, this is the case as well.

Of course, there are going to be those who will suggest that it’s not entirely necessary to sand before painting and though it is not necessary, it certainly makes it a better experience.

This is because sanding will make the surface of your ceiling smoother, and in doing so you are making it easier for you to paint it.

3. Make Use Of The Right Paint

It should probably go without mention that you aren’t going to want to use a paint that is meant for painting the exterior of your home for painting your home — there are properties that are related to exterior paint that serve no use in painting the interior of your home.

The painting of your ceiling is unlike the painting of the other surfaces in your home, in that there is a greater chance of paint dripping if you just use standard paint.

Instead, look for paints that are more meant to paint your ceiling and you’re going to have a much better time.

4. You Can Use Colors Other Than White

When you’re thinking about painting your ceiling, is your thought in regards to color that you don’t have any choice because ceilings are necessarily white?

If this is the case, you should put this line of thinking entirely out of your mind because there are many colors that are going to be entirely appropriate for you to use for your ceiling.

It would go beyond the scope of this article to go into particular detail on what colors are good for your ceiling but you should know that there are quite a lot of them — let us know if we should write about suggested colors for your ceiling in a future article.

5. Time Is Necessary

Lastly, know well that the amount of time that you think you are going to need in order to paint your ceiling is almost certainly less time than will actually be needed.

This is because of all of the time that is going to be necessary for the various elements to dry, such as the coat of paint itself, as well as the primer and even the ceiling after you have taken the time to clean it.

If you don’t have the skills or tools to handle your painting or touch up, you should consider hiring a professional painting contractor in Blue Bell, PA.

Hiring a professional painting contractor like Aspen Painting is the guarantee of a flawless, durable, and high-quality paint job.

We have years of experience in cabinet and furniture painting and staining with a long list of happy customers in Horsham, PA, Ambler, Dresher, Ft. Washington, and Blue Bell, PA.

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