Attic Painting Mistakes To Avoid In Horsham, PA

Attic Painting Mistakes To Avoid In Horsham, PA

In the process of painting an interior room, you may come to find that you can err in doing so — and in doing so, have what could be a typical painting project take longer or perhaps ultimately cost you more money than it should.

You should know that if you can avoid these sorts of mistakes, your painting project can cost you less than it ordinarily would — and still look just as great.

Let’s have a look at some attic painting mistakes to avoid.

1. Not Using Ventilation

In a space that might be as tight and closed off as the attic (you may recall a certain key scene in a holiday-related movie in which the main character was stuck in the attic for a while…) it’s important that you have adequate ventilation during your paintwork.

There are two basic ways that you’re going to be able to best ventilate your attic while you are painting and they come in the form of the door that leads to the attic and any windows that are on the exterior of the house.

With that in mind, you’re going to want to paint when it’s not too cold outside as that would make for a rather unpleasant painting experience.

2. Not Cleaning After Sanding

When you want to make a good surface that will be the most receptive to your paint, it’s a good idea to get the surface to be as smooth as possible first.

One thing that you can do in order to do this is to make use of sandpaper and gently sand the surface that is going to be painted — but once you have finished sanding, you have some work to do in the form of removing the sanding dust that has been generated during the sanding process.

Some people will ignore this important step and then wonder why they find fine bits of the wall in their paintwork and are confused as to how this is possible when they spent so much time cleaning before they started getting ready to paint (as you should.)

Ideally, once you have finished sanding you need to make time to clean the sanding dust so that it won’t make an appearance later.

3. Not Considering Color Options

You may be thinking that you are painting your attic and therefore there is no need to consider any color options — your attic doesn’t need to be bright or colorful, right?

This is fine if that is what you want for your attic, but you should know that this is not any sort of requirement and that you absolutely are able to give your attic some vivid colors if that is your preference.

Indeed, you can really give your attic a sort of joyful new life if you add a bright color to it (or two) and you can just imagine what a pleasure it will be to go up there once you have done so.

4. Leaving Everything In The Room

Lastly, if you leave everything in the room, you are going to have a much more difficult time painting the attic and it will be a much more time consuming process.

This is not limited to the furniture, though of course if you are able to remove some of your larger furniture from the room in any way that would be good — as it can really trip you up (sometimes quite literally) and of course — the presence of the furniture means that you’re likely to get paint on it unless you are very careful.

If you’re unable to remove anything from the room, you should make an effort to get everything as far from the walls as you can and cover it with tarps or drop cloths so that you don’t get paint on them.

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