Dining Room Cabinet Painting Mistakes Not To Make In Horsham, PA

Dining Room Cabinet Painting Mistakes Not To Make In Horsham, PA

In attempting to improve the look of your dining room, you may have a look at your cabinet and come to realize that it doesn’t look quite right — and you know that you aren’t going to want to get rid of the cabinet as it overall is well built.

However, when you’re looking to paint your dining room cabinets, what you may not realize is that there are some fundamental mistakes that you can make in painting these cabinets — and by avoiding these mistakes you will make for better painted cabinets.

With that being the case, let’s have a look at some dining room cabinet painting mistakes not to make when you want a better painted dining room cabinet.

1. Not Properly Sanding The Surface

One of the first key mistakes that people make when they’re painting their cabinets is to either not sand the surface that is to be painted or to not properly sand it.

The reason that this is such a mistake comes down to the fact that when you want a well painted surface, it should be as smooth as possible before you apply the paint.

By properly sanding your dining room cabinets before you paint them, your surfaces are better prepared for the paintwork that will be subsequently done.

2. Applying Paint Too Thickly

Sometimes in your haste to get the painting project done in a timely manner, a person might get a bit heavy-handed as it were with the paint and apply too much of it on.

This is of course a mistake as from an aesthetic point of view you can tell when the paint has been applied too thickly in some places versus others.

The better thing to do is to take your time while painting and make sure that you evenly apply paint to your cabinets.

3. Not Letting Surfaces Dry Between Coats

Another significant problem that people will sometimes face is when they are working on painting their cabinets and rather than allow time to pass for the newly painted cabinets to dry fully before they apply the second coat, they try applying a second coat.

This is quite a mistake as when you try to do this, you will find that some of the paint from the first coat will actually come off onto your brush and you will ruin the coat of paint that you have just applied.

What you need to do when you have just applied a coat of paint is to wait for that first coat to dry well before you move on to the second coat of paint — this will reduce the painting problems you see.

4. Using The Wrong Sort Of Paint Brush

As you can imagine, when you are looking to paint your cabinets there are all sorts of paint brushes that you are going to be able to buy for the painting project, but not all of them are going to be equally appropriate.

You want to look for paint brushes that are just the right size in terms of the head of the brush so that you won’t be applying too much primer and paint when you go to apply them.

It will also be helpful if you look at the handle of the brush that you are going to be getting so that you don’t get something with a handle that will be too large or too small for you to be able to properly hold.

5. Using The Wrong Sort Of Paint

Lastly, remember that you have to make sure that you use the right sort of paint for your painting project.

Since you’re going to be making use of interior paint, you should look at a paint that will be easier to clean — in a dining room this sort of thing is going to be quite important.

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