Interior Painting in Blue Bell, PA: Removing Wallpaper

Interior Painting in Blue Bell, PA_ Removing Wallpaper

Interior Painting in Blue Bell, PA: Removing Wallpaper

If you’re planning to transition from interior wallpaper to paint in Blue Bell, PA, you might wonder how to remove the wallpaper from your interior walls.

Although it comes in various beautiful designs and decorations, you can still tire of seeing the same patterns and colors every day.

Transitioning from wallpaper to paint can be an awesome idea until you find out how challenging removing the old wallpaper can be.

Sure, you can have a professional remove the wallpaper for you to prepare for painting.

However, if you’re interested in saving some money on your project, here are some tips on how to remove wallpaper from the wall like a pro;

The Art of Removing Wallpaper

Before we get started, here’re some precautions you need to consider:

• Be sure to switch off the electricity in the rooms you plan to remove the wallpaper.
• Also, remove the decorative plates from switches and electrical outlets and cover them tightly to prevent moisture from entering these areas.
• Remove all furniture from the room to avoid damaging it and to move around more conveniently.
• Place a painter’s canvas on the floor to catch dirt and debris.
• Since the removed wallpaper tends to be wet and sticky, put it directly in the trash can.

Removing Wallpaper

The first technique is to wet the surface of the wallpaper with a mixture of hot water and a liquid detergent.
To allow the wallpaper to fully absorb this mixture, add a handful of cellulose pulp (paper pulp) to the mixture.
Another variation of this technique is to use a mixture of water and laundry soap–use about one cup of soap per liter of water.
The best time to remove wallpaper is when it shows signs of curling, or when you see small bubbles appear on the surface.

Whichever solution or mixture you apply, consider using a paint roller to apply rather than a sponge or a sprayer – this much faster.
Also, be sure to use the hottest water possible to maximize the efficiency of the process.
If you have to scrub off parts of the wallpaper, consider using a wide plastic scrubber instead of a metal one.

Another option is to use a steam wallpaper stripper.
Once the wallpaper is all steamed up and lose, you can then lift a corner of the wallpaper using a scraper and peel it off.

The heat produced by the steam wallpaper stripper is high, so wear gloves and long sleeves to avoid skin burns and irritation.

The steam stripper might come in handy when removing vinyl or multi-layered wallpapers, which tend to be rather sticky.

After Work, Don’t Forget To…

Clean the wall with a mixture of hot water and soap as soon as possible to remove residues of glue and paper.
These will be considerably easier to remove if the wall is still damp.
To achieve a smooth and even surface when painting, consider lightly sanding the newly exposed surface to remove any bumps.

The Bottom Line

Generally, that’s how you remove wallpaper to prepare for interior painting Blue Bell, PA.

While the techniques described above might sound relatively easy and straightforward, you might need additional tools, specialized skills and a lot of effort to remove certain types of wallpaper.

If you need professional help to transition from wallpaper to paint in Blue Bell, PA, our team at Aspen Painting can help.

We offer professional residential painting services in areas of Horsham, Ambler, Dresher, Ft. Washington, and Blue Bell.

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