Kitchen Cabinet Painting Mistakes To Avoid In Horsham, PA

2022-11-13 Aspen Painting Wallcovering Kitchen Cabinet Painting Mistakes

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Mistakes To Avoid In Horsham, PA

There are few rooms in the house where it can be said that the cabinets are so well used as the kitchen — most people will reach into their kitchen cabinets at least once a day if not more, depending on how often they are eating at home.

The very act of painting your kitchen cabinets, therefore, carries with it some great significance and so it is important to paint them as well as possible while avoiding mistakes that can cause the project to stumble along the way.

Let’s have a look at some kitchen cabinet painting mistakes to avoid during the course of your painting project.

1. Leaving Things In The Cabinets

One fairly simple error that people will sometimes make when they’re getting ready to paint their kitchen cabinets is to just leave all of the things that are in their cabinets rather than make the time to remove them.

The issue with this is that when you have things in the cabinet, they will often get in the way of your painting and so you will end up moving things around during the painting process.

The better thing to do is to entirely remove the things from the cabinet — and in this way, if you have any food in there you will also be able to better clean the cabinets prior to painting.

2. Not Considering Two Colors

In painting your kitchen cabinets, you may think that you have to pretty much stick to just one color and that color is going to have to be related to the other colors that are to be found in the room (including the walls of the room, of course.)

This is only partially true — one color is an acceptable way for you to paint your kitchen cabinets but it is certainly not the only way that you can go about doing it.

You can make use of more than one color but the key thing to remember is that the colors should go together and also that they should go with the room.

3. Not Sanding The Surfaces

Another fairly serious mistake that you can make when you’re painting your kitchen cabinets is that some people feel that they aren’t going to need to sand the surface being painted.

If you don’t sand before you paint, you will have a more rough surface which will mean that the paint won’t go on quite as nicely, which means that the finish of the cabinet will not look nearly as nice as it could.

4. Only One Coat Of Paint

In painting your kitchen cabinets, a mistake that people will sometimes make is that they will only apply a single coat of paint, allow it to dry, and then call it a day as far as painting goes — and this soon is revealed to be a mistake.

The way that you know that you have erred in doing this is that the look of your cabinet will be like that of a surface that is not quite well painted, but you’re not sure why.

This is going to be especially the case when you have a previously painted cabinet and you are changing up the color of the cabinet.

5. Painting Too Quickly

Lastly, you should remember that when you paint too quickly you are risking a couple of things — neither of which are particularly pleasant for a painting project.

One is that you are going to make a mistake while painting, which could take quite a while to correct — and if painting more quickly was meant to save you time, then it has sort of failed in that as it were.

The second issue is that it can often lead to paint being wasted — which translates to money being wasted!

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