Painting Your Dining Room Accent Wall: Dos and Don’ts in Ambler, PA

Painting Your Dining Room Accent Wall: Dos and Don’ts in Ambler, PA

Your dining room may be one of the nicer rooms in your home, where you serve meals with company and sometimes without and as such, you want it to have a good look from an aesthetic perspective.

Painting one of your walls up to be an accent wall can be one of the better ways to get the room to look nice, and in the spirit of this it’s helpful to mention some dos and don’ts to get your accent wall looking its best.

With that being the case, let’s have a look at some dos and don’ts for when you’re painting your dining room accent wall and want it to look better.

Do : Correctly Clean The Painting Area

One thing that you’re going to want to do before you start your painting project is to clean the area near to where you will be painting.

This means that you’re not just going to be painting the surface being painted but the floor area as well, and to truly clear a good amount of space so that it will be available to you.

This will help to keep the dust and the like from getting up and on your painting surface area, which will then make sure that the wall that you’re going to be painting doesn’t have the distinct look of a dirty wall with paint on it — which you might imagine isn’t the look people go for when getting an accent wall painted.

Don’t: Use A Color Similar To The Other Walls

If you are going to be painting an accent wall, it helps to have the properties of an accent wall, which means that the wall should stand out from the other walls in the room.

Therefore, if you make use of a color or colors that are similar to the ones that you already have on your walls, all that you’re going to be achieving is making for a room that doesn’t look like it even has an accent wall in it.

The better way to go about doing this is to make use of a color or colors that contrast with the other walls — this makes for what is classically called an accent wall.

Do: Relocate Furniture Away From The Future Accent Wall

As you prepare to paint your accent wall, you should look at everything that is close to the wall and make your best effort to get it away from it.

The issue that you may have if you leave furniture near your accent wall is that you may have a difficult time accessing the wall and painting it — the furniture will get in your way.

Moreover, when you have furniture near the wall that is getting painted, you run the risk of getting paint on that furniture — and it can be quite difficult to remove paint from furniture once it has gotten on, even if you try to remove it right away.

Don’t: Skip The Primer Coat

You may think that when you are painting your accent wall, you aren’t necessarily going to need to apply a coat of primer before your paint — this is not the case.

The coat of primer that you apply to the accent wall before your paint will not only help your paint go on more smoothly, but it will help that paint stay on longer.

Between these two things it’s quite well worth getting the primer coat on before you apply your first coat of paint — and it will help to ensure that it’s awhile longer before you need to paint the accent wall again.

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