Interior Paint Colors that Will Brighten Up Your Home

It would seem like every home has that dark little corner or room that lacks sufficient natural light we all enjoy. While there’re a number of options to brighten up such spaces like tearing down one wall or adding a window, a simple interior paint job seems to be the most cost-effective option for most homeowners on budget.

Having said that, most homeowners will go straight to painting their small dark spaces white when trying to brighten them up. However, where there is no light to reflect, natural or otherwise, white might not necessarily be your best option. Painting white in an area that doesn’t have natural or artificial light might make it seem flat or even too clinical.

If the above situation describes your space and white is off the table, we have some other interesting paint colors that we think will brighten your interior. Here you go:

  1. Sunny Yellow
    If your space doesn’t have much natural light, painting it in sunny yellow is a creative way of recreating the impression of artificial light. It’s an excellent option for bathrooms or bedrooms with tiny windows. You can pair yellow with light wood details and white accents if you’re looking to create a bright warm space. Just make sure the room has enough artificial light, otherwise, it might fall flat.
  2. Powder Blue
    Blue rarely misses the mark when it comes to interior painting. Powder blue is a cool addition that can brighten even the darkest of corners. It’s a timeless pick that you can pair with dark wood furnishings in crisp white interiors. This is a great option for small bathrooms or dark corners in your home.
  3. Lavender
    If you’re looking to add some brightness and warmth to a dark room, lavender is a great pick. One good thing with painting your interior in lavender is that it offers a wide range of appealing shades to choose from. And unlike pink, it’s not overly feminine, so you can use it in any space. Pair it with simple neutrals like whites and grays, for a more sophisticated look.
  4. Bright Orange
    If you’re color-shy, or your interior is neutral-themed, bright orange might seem a little wild. However, when used in areas with little natural light, the color pop is played down and you will get just the right balance. Alternatively, you can choose softer shades of orange that lean towards pumpkin, tangerine, or apricot. These are suitable choices for dark dining rooms, kitchens or any other space where people gather.
  5. Pink
    Looking to quickly brighten your dark space with a feminine touch? Pink will do that and add a bit of personality into your room as well. If you don’t want your space to look color-overwhelmed, consider using softer pastels and rose tones for adding just a hint of color while keeping your space balanced.
  6. Soft Gray
    Gray might not necessarily pop out when thinking about paint colors to brighten your dark space, but it surprisingly works like a charm. It’s all about picking the right shade –light to medium grays in soft tones such as greige or dove gray will keep things both bright and warm. Depending on the overall color theme of your interior, you can tint the gray with a bit of color (such as lavender or pink) to add a bit of energy and excitement.

Bottom Line
With the above paint color tips, infusing your interiors with light shouldn’t be a struggle. If you’re ready to brighten up those interior spaces that seem dark or cold in your home in Horsham, PA, Ambler, Dresher, Ft. Washington, or Blue Bell, our painting crew can help. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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