Interior Painting Pricing

How Much Will it Cost to Paint My Home Interior?

What is the Average Investment for Residential Interior Painting?

There are many cost factors that must be determined for each interior painting project:

  • The type of surface being painted.
  • The condition of the surfaces, and how much prep they will need to be ready for paint.
  • The heights and access to the areas being painted.
  • The color selection and the number of coats required for proper coverage and sheen.
  • The number of furnishings and types of flooring that will need to be covered and protected.
  • The type of window treatments that will need to be removed prior to painting and re-installed afterwards.

To help you further understand what goes into a painting estimate, the following standard tasks and materials needed are considered when calculating an average interior painting estimate:



  • Bring tools, equipment, and materials into the home
  • Centre furniture in the room
  • Remove window treatments
  • Remove outlet covers and switch plates.


Masking and Dust Protection
  • Cover floors and furniture
  • Protect/cover bookcases, cabinets, and built-ins
  • Cover or remove lighting fixtures
  • Apply tape over outlets and switches
  • Cover sprinkler heads, smoke detectors, and ceiling fans
  • Remove and/or mask window and door hardware
  • In general, remove, protect/cover every surface not receiving new paint finishes


Surface Preparation

  • Scuff sand surfaces to promote adhesion of new coatings
  • Clean surfaces to remove dust, dirt or other contaminants
  • Patch nail pops, cracks, and holes in ceilings and walls
  • Prime patched areas
  • Caulk gaps and putty holes in woodwork
  • Apply stain sealer to water stains, knots, tannin bleed, crayon and ink marks, etc.



  • All surfaces scheduled for painting will receive 2 coats of quality paint with the appropriate type of finish for each surface



  • Clean out roller pans and buckets
  • Label leftover paint for future touchup
  • Remove all masking and dust protection from floors, furniture, etc.
  • Vacuum all carpets and hard floor surfaces
  • Place furniture to its original position
  • Reinstall window treatments, outlet and switch covers, etc.
  • Collect jobsite trash and load it in the truck



  • Finish Paints and Primers
  • Masking and dust protection materials
  • Surface preparation materials

Because there are so many variables, we recommend an on-site visit so we can give you an accurate estimate on what your investment will be.

Below is a general sample of an estimated investment for some interior room surfaces. Includes only minimum surface prep. Excludes setup, masking and dust protection and cleanup.

Powder Room 6×6

*Wall Surface 190 Sq Ft $325.00
Ceiling Surface 36 Sq Ft $110.00
Door & Casing Per Side $95.00
Window Frame Per Item $65.00
Baseboard 24 LF $50.00

Small Room 10×12

*Wall Surface 350 Sq Ft $480.00
Ceiling Surface 120 Sq Ft $205.00
Door & Casing Per Side $95.00
Window Frame Per Item $65.00
Baseboard 44 Ln Ft $90.00

Medium Room 12×15

*Wall Surface 430 Sq Ft $585.00
Ceiling Surface 180 Sq Ft $275.00
Door & Casing Per Side $95.00
Window Frame Per Item $65.00
Baseboard 54 Ln Ft $115.00

Large Room 15×20

*Wall Surface 560 Sq Ft $755.00
Ceiling Surface 300 Sq Ft $480.00
Door & Casing Per Side $95.00
Window Frame Per Item $65.00
Baseboard 70 Ln Ft $150.00

***All Wall Surfaces are figured for 8’ high ceilings.

If you have 10’ high ceilings then add 25%.

If you have 12’ high ceilings then add 50%.

If you have 17’ high ceilings then add 75%.

***All Prices include labor and paint.***

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