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Refresh Your Kitchen With Top-Tier Cabinet Painting in Horsham, PA

Kitchen trends change frequently, and you may find that your kitchen cabinets no longer suit your preferred aesthetic. Professional cabinet painting is an easy, affordable way to refresh your kitchen without resorting to a full renovation.

At Aspen Painting & Wallcovering, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest-quality cabinet painting services in Horsham, PA. We'll help your cabinets look brand new with durable, scratch- and heat-resistant paint that suits your style goals.

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Professional vs. DIY Cabinet Painting: Why Choose Our Painting Contractors?

Cabinet painting may seem like a simple task at first glance. You may be considering painting your cabinets yourself instead of hiring a professional.

While you may be able to get away with painting your cabinets on your own, the results won't be as attractive or efficient as if you hired professionals. When you enlist Aspen Painting & Wallcovering for professional cabinet painting, you get these benefits:

  • Faster results: We've painted hundreds of cabinets, and we know how to complete the job efficiently while delivering beautiful results. You'll be able to enjoy your fresh, updated cabinets within one week or less.
  • Design and color advice: We know what paint colors look best on cabinets and how to choose the right paint finish for your space, and we'll provide this advice alongside our cabinet painting services.
  • Smooth application: Spraying on cabinet paint creates a clean, even finish that makes the paint job look purposeful. But most homeowners don't have the equipment or space to spray on paint, leaving brushstrokes or uneven coverage.
  • Reliable results: You don't have to worry that your cabinets won't look good when you hire professionals. We ensure reliable, consistent results and take great care to ensure that your cabinets exceed your expectations.

Hiring professional cabinet painters is the right choice for many homeowners throughout Horsham, PA. If you're ready to refresh your kitchen cabinets, call Aspen Painting & Wallcovering today.

Our Cabinet Painting Process in Horsham, PA

Professional cabinet painting is a multi-step process that generally takes us between one day and one week, depending on the number of cabinets and the overall size of the paint job. We'll follow these steps to bring new life into your kitchen cabinets.

1. Remove all cabinet doors and drawers: Removing the doors and drawers allows us to ensure a smooth, clean finish for every square inch of your cabinetry. We'll start by removing these elements and unscrewing any hardware.

2. Mask off the kitchen: We'll tape over the counters, sink, and other fixtures where we don't want paint to stray.

3. Sand, vac, and clean: We'll prep the cabinetry by sanding it thoroughly, vacuuming the sawdust, and cleaning it to remove surface contaminants.

4. Apply bonding primer/sealer: Applying a first coat of primer ensures that the paint color adheres to the cabinets and looks great for years to come.

5. Spray two coats of paint: We use high-quality sprayers to ensure an even finish, whether you've opted for enamel paint, acrylic paint, or any other type of pain.

6. Rehang the cabinetry: After allowing the paint to dry, our painting contractors will re-install the cabinet doors and drawers and add the hardware, completing your cabinet painting services.

Revamp Your Cabinets With Aspen Painting & Wallcovering: Horsham's Trusted Painting Company

Whether you want to refresh cabinets in your kitchen, bathroom, office, or any other space in your home, Aspen Painting & Wallcovering will help you achieve your vision. Contact our painting company today at 267-214-3878 for your free cabinet painting estimate in Horsham, PA.

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