5 Tricks For Painting An Iron Fence in Ambler, PA

5 Tricks For Painting An Iron Fence in Ambler, PA

In the world of exterior home maintenance, one thing that people will sometimes forget to do is to check up on their fences — if they even have a fence, to begin with.

Fences come in a variety of materials, but certainly one of the more durable sorts of fence is one made of iron — these are quite well built and can last for generations if they are well taken care of.

One thing that can help an iron fence last a bit longer and sometimes even look a bit better is to paint it — and with a few bits of advice, you can have an iron fence that looks magnificent and is also better protected from the elements.

Let’s look at five tricks for painting an iron fence in Ambler, PA

1. Having The Right Equipment

One of the first important things you need to have in place when you’re looking to paint your iron fence is the right sort of equipment — it’s not the kind of thing you can just go into unprepared.

To paint an iron fence, you’re going to need the following — some kind of tool to properly clean the fence (more on this in a bit), sanding equipment, at least one paintbrush, the right sort of paint for exterior metal painting, and protective equipment to keep the paint off of the ground and even the plants near the fence — as well as the house if your fence attaches to the house.

You’ll additionally need a face mask and goggles to protect your eyes.

2. Checking For Rust

When you’re looking to paint your iron fence, it’s important that you not paint over rust — for painting over a rusted fence is typically not a good idea.

Indeed, it will not solve the rust issue that you have but could make it worse — though if you prepare the surface correctly, you can certainly make sure the painting project goes well.

3. Cleaning Before Starting

The best kind of painting project is going to start with a full cleaning — and this is not just to say that the fence that is being painted should be cleaned, though it certainly should be.

You are also going to need to clean the area around the fence and then make sure that you lay down some protective tarp in order that you won’t allow dirt or dust to kick up during the painting process — for that would just find itself onto the fence and make for a rather unpleasant looking fence.

4. Considering Color Options

There are many colors that you’re going to be able to paint your fence, but you shouldn’t just reach into a paint store catalog and randomly pick one and hope for the best.

Ideally, you’re going to want to paint your iron fence a color that is going to be related in some way to your home — perhaps one that is related to the colors that are in your community if possible, and certainly if you’re not trying to make your house stand out too much.

Of course, if making your house stand out is one of your goals, you may want to choose a color specifically because it does that!

5. Checking The Weather

Lastly, make sure that you check the weather forecast before you make a plan to paint your iron fence.

Of course, no weather forecast is a hundred percent guaranteed to be correct — it’s a forecast, not a set in stone prediction — but if you see in the forecast that there’s nearly a one hundred percent chance of rain, you won’t want to paint your fence at that point.

Ideally, you will want to paint when you see no rain — and if you must, you can split up the project over the course of a few sessions.

In no case should you try to paint while it rains — you’re just asking for a failed paint job.

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