6 Signs it’s Time to Repaint Your Home’s exterior

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6 Signs it’s Time to Repaint Your Home’s exterior

Repainting the exterior of your home is a critical step of protecting its materials and preserving its value. Painting your home not only improves its visual appeal but also adds a protective layer against the elements and even bugs. If you’re planning to sell your house any time soon, a fresh coat of paint will go a long way in increasing your chances of selling it faster and at a higher price.

Many times, however, homeowners are unable to tell when it’s time to repaint their exterior. Since paint deterioration happens gradually, it can be easier to ignore or fail to notice damage signs. If you’re unsure when to re-paint your home’s exterior, look for these 6 signs that indicate your exterior wall needs a fresh coat of paint.

1. Fading paint

Your exterior walls are exposed to harsh elements such as sunlight, sleet, and rain. All these elements can cause your paint to break down and start to fade. Dark hues are particularly more susceptible to sun bleaching, but fading on shady sides of the house indicates problems with water intrusion. In the event of water damage, you might notice stains dripping downward on the paint. If you notice considerably fading, it’s time to repaint your exterior.

2. Chalking

Any type of paint eventually breaks down when exposed to elements over time. Before your paint job starts to crack or peel, you will first notice chalking –which forms a fine powder that rubs off easily. Other than the effect of elements, chalking can also be caused by using poor quality paint or using the interior paint on the outside. If the top layer is applied too thinly, chalking can occur too. If not repainted in good time, chalking causes the paint color to fade and lose its protective properties.

3. Mildew and algae

If your home’s exterior has black or grey spots, chances are you have mildew or algae, which is popularly caused by excessive moisture or poor circulation. If algae, mold or mildew is not treated in good time, it might cause the paint to crack or flake, and allow moisture to sip into your siding. Other than looking unappealing, this can cause your wooden siding to rot resulting into costly repairs. Before repainting, find out the cause of the excess moisture and see if the situation can be corrected.

4. Blistering

Sometimes heat or moisture can cause bubbles to form under or in your paint film.
When this happens, it’s most often due to heat or moisture. Heat blistering occurs when the paint is applied in harsh sunlight that overheats the paint. Moisture blistering occurs when water gets into the material at unpainted areas, allowing layers of paint to peel and bubble.

Painting over a damp surface can also cause blistering as the paint is pushed off the surface due to water movement. Most latex paints may blister if they’re consistently exposed to moisture, rain, high humidity or dew. If your walls have a blistering problem, you should talk to a painting expert for recommendations on the best type of paint and sealant to use.

5. Cracked Caulking

Cracked caulking, often found near windows and doors, is an indication that there is a sealing problem on your exterior walls. Bugs, weather, and water can easily invade from the outside. Investigate around your windows and doors, and areas where the siding connects with the Conner joints for signs of cracks. If these areas have small cracks, a fresh fill of caulking can help, however, I the cracks are large and some elements missing, you might want to apply a new coat of paint.

6. Damaged Wood and Stucco

While there a few agents claiming to sell special wood or stucco homes that would never need painting again, it’s important to understand that each home exterior needs protection and maintenance, regardless of the type of material used. If sections of your exterior wood or stucco are damaged, consider replacing them, then repainting everything to keep your home protected against the elements.

The above six are the major signs that your exterior needs repainting. If you notice one or a combination of them, consider calling in a painting pro for expert advice and painting service. If you’re located in Horsham, PA, Ambler, Dresher, Ft. Washington, or Blue Bell, reach out to us and we will be more than happy to help you with your exterior repaint needs.

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