Seven Tips For Painting Your Hall in Ft. Washington, PA

2021-10-13 Aspen Painting And Wallcovering Ft Washington PA Painting Hall

7 Tips For Painting Your Hall in Ft. Washington, PA

Of all the parts of your home that need the occasional painting, the hall is probably one of the least likely to get your attention due to how rarely people think about how very important the hall is – it’s pretty much the only way to get from one part of your home to another.

Despite this thought that many people have, the hall is just as important as any given interior room when it comes to painting and re-painting — and if you’re not sure of what you’re doing you may end up having a paint project that could be quite costly or time-consuming.

Let’s now look at seven tips for painting your hall in Ft. Washington, PA

1. Plan Out The Painting Project Beforehand

The first thing you’re going to want to do when you’re looking to paint your hall is to make sure that you fully plan out the painting project before you even pick up the paint roller for the first time.

This is fairly significant in that you are going to want to know how much space there is going to be painted, and this piece of information will help you determine how long it is going to take to paint the hall as well as realize how much paint and primer you’re going to end up needing.

Not knowing these things can be bad because you can end up getting either too much paint or not enough paint, both being quite undesirable.

2. Use A Good Sheen

Since you can fairly expect that a lot of people are going to be going through the halls, you don’t want to get the kind of sheen on your paint that will make it difficult if not impossible to clean.

Rather, you want to aim to get a glossier paint for your hall so that you will be able to take a good moist cloth and clean off the walls of the hall without too many issues.

3. Lay Down Heavy Drop Cloth

Speaking of keeping clean, you’re going to want to apply a good heavy drop cloth to the floor before you start any of the painting process.

Doing so will protect your floors not only from the dust and the sanding dust that will come as you are preparing the hall walls, but it will also be good against the inevitable dripping paint.

It’s a lot easier to pick up a dirty drop cloth than to try to get paint off of the floor, after all.

4. Do Not Use Inexpensive Paint Rollers

You may well be tempted when you go into the paint store to get hardware for your painting project to get one of the more inexpensive paint rollers — or even worse, to skip the paint store and to try to get your paint rollers from the dollar section of your local large retail store that has all kinds of things for less.

This will not work out in your favor — you will find that the cheaper paint rollers are going to be more difficult to use and additionally will possibly break apart in terms of the roller itself and get pieces right up into the paint — not worth it.

5. Apply Primer Before You Paint

If you really want to have a well-painted hall, you are best off making sure to have a smooth surface.

A good step in the right direction of having a smooth surface comes with first applying a coat of primer before you apply the first coat of paint and then allowing the primer to dry.

6. Consider The Ceiling

Since you’re already going to be in the hall painting the walls, why not consider the ceiling?

A lot of the preparation work and protection work will also help you in painting the ceiling so if you have the extra time and budget it can be well worth doing.

7. Remove Wall Hanging Items

Lastly, and this should be fairly obvious but it is worth saying — make sure you remove anything hanging from the walls of the hall before you paint.

Though you may want to paint around things, this is not a good idea and you end up with an uneven paint job.

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