5 Gutter Cleaning Tips You Should Know in Blue Bell, PA

5 Gutter Cleaning Tips You Should Know in Blue Bell, PA

You may well be aware of the fact that exterior cleaning is going to be part of homeownership unless of course, you live in a neighborhood in which this kind of thing is done for you as part of belonging to a Homeowners Association.

However, a part of the cleaning of the home exterior that people often will entirely forget to consider is the gutters that are attached to their home and that fundamentally keep their home safe when it is raining – as over the top as this may seem it is in fact true and the good health of your gutters is directly connected to the good health of your home.

It is therefore paramount that you take the time to regularly either clean the gutters yourself or find a good organization that can help do it for you.

If you’re going to be doing the cleaning on your own it’s worth knowing a bit more about what you’re doing — having a bit of extra knowledge will be helpful in getting the job done correctly.

Let’s look at five gutter cleaning tips you should know in Blue Bell, PA

1. Stand On An Elevated Secure Platform

The first thing that you should know about cleaning your gutters is that it’s important that you be standing on an elevated secure platform in order to do the cleaning.

Many people have no problem with the elevated part as well as the platform part (well, of course) but they entirely miss the part where it’s also meant to be secure.

If you have a standard ladder and the only way you can get to the gutters is by standing on the top rung, for example, that is a perfect case of an elevated platform that is not secure — you would need a taller ladder so you aren’t standing on the insecure top rung.

2. Wear Protective Clothing

While you are cleaning your gutters, it’s important that you wear protective clothing that will keep you safe from the various things that may be found in the gutter itself.

This means that you should of course wear thick gloves because it’s entirely possible that there will be sharp items in the gutter that could cut your hands as you clean.

You additionally should make use of long sleeve clothing so that you are less likely to get hurt by the debris that can be found in the gutter.

3. Be Careful What You Put In The Gutter

By this, we do not mean the hand or the tool that you will insert in the gutter that is meant to remove the debris within.

Rather, this is meant to refer to the liquids that some people might want to use in order to properly clean out the gutters once they get some of the larger things out.

Though some would have you put just about anything in the gutters to get it clean, you have to remember that what you put in will be coming out the other end and can affect the ground near your home — so be careful not to put anything toxic that could kill the plants or grass near your home.

4. Check What’s Holding The Gutter

While you are up and near the gutters, you should look at the various things that keep your gutter properly attached to the roof and side of the house.

Without these things properly in place, you can just imagine that the gutters would suffer and eventually fully detach from the house — so it’s worth checking on their stability and making sure they are properly holding the gutter in place.

It may be worth replacing loose bits to ensure that it is well attached.

5. Use A Tool For Removing Debris

Lastly, you should make sure that you use some sort of a tool, such as a gardening tool that fits inside the gutter, in order to remove the debris that can be found inside.

Though you might think that you can use your gloved hand for everything, using a tool is going to be far more efficient.

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