Charles Smith Shares His Outstanding Experience with Aspen Painting

Charles Smith Shares His Outstanding Experience with Aspen Painting

Ray Aspen: Hi, I am here with Mr. Charles Smith in Fort Washington, where we recently completed painting the foyer and stairwell in the hallway.

Charles, how did you hear about Aspen Painting?

Charles Smith: Well, actually, I’m a school bus driver and while I was dropping off one of my passengers, I saw your vehicle across the street and after looking at it for a couple days, I decided, well, let me give you a shout-out.

Ray Aspen: Well, thank you, I am glad you did.

Did we do everything we said we would do?

Charles Smith: You did everything that you said you would do and I think I’ll say even more!

I really liked your proposal because your proposal described everything that you were going to do and you did do it.

Ray Aspen: Thank you very much, and on a scale of 1-10, how likely would you be to refer Aspen Painting and wall-covering to your friends and family?

Charles Smith: Well, it will be a 10, I will definitely do it again.

Ray Aspen: Thank you!

Charles Smith: Not only referring others to you, but I would do it again myself.

Ray Aspen: Well, thank you very much, it was a pleasure working for you and now we do look forward to the next time as well.

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