Cost-Effective Inspirations to Finish Your Basement in Blue Bell, PA

Cost-Effective Inspirations to Finish Your Basement in Blue Bell, PA

You’ve been dreaming about it since your move: finishing the basement of the house. The project has been part of your bucket list since your first visit, probably even before you moved in.

Indeed, the basement is a place that can easily be used as a family room, office space, play area, and even a training room.

Finishing a basement will also allow you to add additional rooms to your living space.

If you want to complete your project without re-mortgaging your home, here are some basement ideas and solutions to obtain storage, divisions, and a friendly family gathering place.

Enhance the Original Walls

If you have brick or concrete on your walls, don’t cover them just yet.
Simply clean the surface to highlight it. You can then hang frames, shelves, or wall decorations.
Your basement will provide a unique character with one or more brick walls. Add lights or vintage posters to make it stand out even more.

Paint brick or concrete

If your brick or concrete wall is damaged, paint it
White paint will give a lot of brightness to your basement.
By using paint designed for this purpose, you will also prevent your concrete or brick from getting damaged over time.

Use the Ceiling Beams

If your basement is not yet finished, you most likely have structural beams on the ceiling.
No need to add a suspended ceiling; you will save installation time and save money. Leave the beams visible and make them work for you.
The good idea is to stain or paint them to make them look prettier.

Add Decorative Lighting

String lights are a common option here.
Use your ceiling beams to hang a few. Whether they are directly glued to the beam or suspended, you will not be able to find better lighting and atmosphere than this.

Hanging Games for Children

What better way to get kids moving than an indoor swing?
Make sure to secure it with the correct anchors and ropes. Are you looking to relax your children in the basement?
Opt for a hammock they can read or nap in.

Paint the Beams

If you fancy a more chic or finished effect, add paint to your wood beams.
For an effect of depth, paint your beams with a dark color that contrasts your walls.
For a beach house or classic style, opt for white paint on your ceiling beams.

Carpets for the Play Area

If your floor is concrete, a good way to save money is to mark out the spaces with rugs. In addition to keeping children’s feet warm, you can create a playroom space without having to install floating floors.
Consider adding a large rug that will cover the entire space, or lay several rugs together to create a unique look.

Modular Mats for the Gym Area

Nothing better than a series of modular mats to delimit the space of your home gym.
Also, this surface absorbs sound and the impacts of training.
These will also help you reduce the risk of sliding.

Use False Divisions

Whether it is a door, a bookcase, or a decorative panel, all ideas are good to save you time and money for building divisions.
For bookcases, choose a model that rises very high, even up to the ceiling, to create a wall effect.
The side that doesn’t have a shelf can even be used to hang posters or bulletin boards.
You can also use sliding doors and glasses to create partitions.

If you’re considering repainting or staining your basement, the best way to get high quality, durable and flawless paint results is by hiring a professional painting contractor like Aspen Painting.

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