Exterior Paint Color Ideas for Your Home In Horsham, PA.

“We only have one opportunity to make a first impression,” goes the famous saying.

The aesthetics of your home in Horsham, PA, undeniably begins with your exterior. Painting an exterior wall is not always easy. Besides the color, it is also necessary to take into account other factors such as the condition of the surfaces.

Although all surfaces must be prepared for paint application, a wall in good condition does not require the same products as a wall with cracks or peeling paint. Other than that, the weather conditions for outdoor painting must be appropriate: no rain or glaring sunshine.

Every detail counts in the aesthetics of your home. The entrance door, the windows, the exterior lights, and the cornices are all elements that give your exterior its character. In this article, we will be dwelling more on exterior paint colors, and here are our thoughts and ideas.

Timeless Colors

We do not change the exterior color very often, which is why most people are looking for timeless and elegant colors, as well as paint that stands up for many years. White, beige, light yellows, and gray and red are good examples of classic, timeless shades.

If you are looking for a sophisticated look, it is essential to consider the coordination between the color of the roof, walls, and the trim.

Pro Tip: windows brighter than the walls give a welcoming and opening effect. If you want a calm feel, paint the frames a shade darker than the walls.

A Personal Touch

Your home exterior paint color needs to account for your personal tastes and preferences, or at least have a personal touch. Red, green, blue, yellow, brown, even orange can add a unique personal touch to your home. However, avoid too bright colors or flashy colors, which do not blend into your surroundings.

In recent years natural colors, with doors and windows in darker shades, have become trendy.
If what you are looking for is a modern style, paint your exterior and all the exterior woodwork of the same color, and play with different tones and finishes.

Doors and Frames

The doors can be sober in black, elegant in gray, white, or simply have the natural color of the wood (protected by a varnish or stain) or inviting (red color, for example).
The darker shades of green, blue, or brown give your entrance a serious look while the more sparkling shades, green, blue, or yellow give personality to the facade while showing a relaxed spirit.

We advise you not to underestimate the importance of your frames; they add quite an impression to your home.
Consider the wall color when choosing the color of your frames and trim. You could select two tones of the same color or two complementary colors. Another option is to select the opposite colors that will highlight each other.

Outdoor Decoration

Exterior lighting, cornices, and stairs of the entrance are part of the package that will showcase your home.
The secret of decoration is in small details.

Try beige or gray for lampposts instead of black. Or why not a light blue or even yellow.
Be daring! The garden or terrace furniture invites the use of light and fresh shades, like pastel shades, very trendy.
If you want to bring joy and happiness, paint your chairs in different colors.

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