Hiring an Interior Painter? Avoid These 5 Mistakes

Are you considering having the interior of your home repainted? Whether your walls are scuffed and stained or you’re simply tired of the current color, a quick repaint can mean a fresh, new beginning. A fresh new coat of paint helps to eliminate and cover up surface imperfections, boost the aesthetic appeal, and increase the value of your home.

While hiring a painting contractor is the most efficient and reliable way to a great paint job, getting the best painter can be quite a hassle. The process of hiring a painting contractor is a little more complicated than just shuffling through service listings, making a few phone calls, and requesting a quote.

You need to do some research and due diligence to get the best contractor for your project. Many homeowners in Horsham, PA, Ambler, Dresher, Ft. Washington, Blue Bell, and other surrounding areas make some expensive mistakes when hiring painters. Here are some of the most common mistakes you should avoid when hiring a residential painter;

1. Hiring The First Painter That Shows Up
Wherever you’re getting your references and recommendations from, and however reliable your sources might seem, don’t hire the first painter that comes up. Most homeowners make this mistake, especially after getting recommendations from family or a close friend. Take time to search for more options, do background checks, and compare the values offered before deciding.

2. Failing To Request For References
Not many contractors will admit that they have never handled a project similar to yours. So if the contractor says they have stained Oak cabinets countless times, request for a reference to a project they have completed recently. Many experienced and reliable painters will even offer images of their previous completed projects before you even ask for them. Where necessary, talk to one of their past clients and get to understand how it feels like to work with this painter.

3. Overlooking Insurance
If the contractor you’re considering doesn’t have general business liability cover and workman compensation policy, move on. Business insurance covers for repairs, replacements, and compensation of any damages to your property that might happen during the project. Workman compensation, on the other hand, protects you against any additional charges should any of the painting crew members get injured while working on your property. Don’t overlook any of them.

4. Skipping The Background Check
To eliminate any unpleasant surprises, perform a background check on each of the contractors you’re considering hiring. Have they kept the same business name for years? Check the ratings and feedback about their services online on platforms like Google My Business. If there are too many negative reviews about the company and unresolved issues online, run.

5. Hiring the Cheapest Contractor
If you’re having your entire home’s interior painted, we understand why you might need to look for bargain price opportunities. Unfortunately, with residential painting, you get precisely what you paid for. Generally, contractors that tend to offer unrealistically low-priced estimates commonly use inferior paint products and painting shortcuts.

Instead, choose a contractor that meets all your painting needs and offers the best value for your money. While you don’t necessarily have to hire the most expensive contractor in town, it’s important to note that cheap painters are costly in the long run.

The Bottom Line
Interior painting is the most effective way to boost the aesthetic appeal and value of your home. Avoiding the above common mistakes will help you find a reliable, experienced, and honest interior painting contractor for your project.

If you can’t seem to find the best residential painting contractor, Aspen Painting would love an opportunity to fill in that gap. We have years of experience in interior, and exterior home painting and our services are currently available in Horsham, Ambler, Dresher, Ft. Washington, and Blue Bell. Call us today on 215-773-8422 for a FREE estimate to get started.

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