How to Clean an Exterior Siding in Horsham, PA

How to Clean an Exterior Siding in Horsham, PA

With the good weather coming soon, the time to roll up your sleeves and start the summer cleaning is just around the corner.

The exterior siding of your house deserves a deep cleaning to shine during the summer.

In this article, we will be sharing some tips and steps for your home exterior.

Important safety measures for cleaning your exterior siding

To work in complete safety and to avoid an unfortunate accident, it is essential to always follow the following recommendations;
• Identify electrical installations to avoid inadvertent watering them.
• Avoid using a ladder higher than six feet in height.
• Always take care to protect your shrubs and plants when cleaning your exterior siding to prevent chemicals from affecting their health;
• If the cleaning technique used requires the use of chemicals, wear long sleeves, gloves, and eye protection. These measures will protect your skin and eyes from any burns or irritation;
• Do not prolong the application time of chemicals to the coating, as this can seriously damage the coating.

To Clean an Exterior Aluminum Siding

One option is to use household detergent (all-purpose cleaner) and water: the application is done using a pressure washer, but taking care never to use it at high pressure.

Another option would be to clean the siding using a soft bristle brush (with the same mixture as mentioned earlier) and rinse.

Cleaning Vinyl Exterior

For daily cleaning, an all-purpose detergent is recommended.
Follow the retailer’s instructions to dilute the product in the correct amount of water.
It is also possible to simply use a mixture of water and dish soap and rinse afterward. In either case, you can easily remove sap, soil, or soot stains by rubbing them with a soft cloth.

To clean mold marks on the surface, the procedure will be different.
Scrub the stain with a soft bristle brush and diluted bleach.
If the stains are darker, combine bleach (1 liter) with a cleaner/degreaser (2/3 cup) as well as a lesser amount of all-purpose detergent (approximately 1/3 cup).

Three quick tips;
First, clean from the top-down, spraying the surface several times as you go to avoid leaving cleaning marks.
Then use a long-handled brush. This will allow you to cover a larger area without having to move.

Cleaning Concrete Siding

Cleaning an exterior concrete wall begins with dusting using a vacuum cleaner.
Then you can proceed to clean using a mixture of water and washing powder.
Be careful not to confuse this mixture with the caustic soda crystals which are much more corrosive.
Carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions to properly create the mixture.
At the very end, rinse the cleaned surface generously.

The application of a waterproofing product is a good option if you wish to increase the protection of your coating against deterioration.

Cleaning and Exterior Plaster Wall

Once again, the pressure machine comes to the rescue.
To avoid damaging the plaster, use the machine at low pressure.
Then scrub the surface (with a wire brush, not soft bristles) and be sure to purchase a brush specifically designed for cleaning plaster walls.

Mixing bleach and water is also very effective on plaster walls (making a 1:1 mixture). Spray on the wall with a spray bottle and wait for at least an hour.
Note, however, that it is not recommended to use this technique on a colored plaster wall.

A poorly prepared or cleaned siding or even a damp wall will cause a lot of damage after the paint has dried after a paint job.

You must, therefore, pay particular attention to the preparatory stages before repainting your exterior.

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