How to Paint Textured Walls When House Painting

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Textured walls are awesome –they help differentiate your home from the rest in the neighborhood. But the challenge comes when you eventually decide to paint them. Painting over a textured surface is a tricky affair due to reduced adhesion.
Historically, exterior and interior painting have never been easy and painting a textured surface only makes the task more difficult. Here are some tips to minimize the hassle and achieve high-quality results.


Getting it right when it comes to painting textured surfaces requires thorough preparation. First, it is important to clean the surfaces that you need to paint and ensure that they are dry before you begin painting. Clean any dirt, moisture stains, dust or cobwebs that may deter the paint from sticking properly. This also reduces the chances of the paint peeling off quickly, which may ruin your paint job.

After cleaning the surface, tape the surfaces that you will not be painting to prevent them from getting unwanted paint drips. Use a textured paint roller to apply primer on the entire surface that you intend to paint. Make sure that the primer gets into all the ridges and crevices else the painted color coat will be uneven. The primer must dry completely before beginning the paint job.

Painting textured surfaces will require specialized tools and techniques depending on the type of surface. Textured drywall is especially challenging as it tends to attract a lot of dirt and grime thus it must be cleaned well before painting. A nap roller is ideal for this kind of textured surface. Vacuuming the walls and baseboards will make the job cleaner and easier.

The next step will involve the use of a rough-textured painter’s tape to cover the baseboards, door and window frames to protect them from splatters and accidental drips. Place drop cloths on floors and cover all doorknobs with some plastic bags.
Switchplates should also be removed and outlets covered with tape.

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Before you start painting your textured surfaces, it is important to know the best paint for the job. Flat paint, for instance, tends to be more difficult to keep clean compared to semi-gloss paint. Light-colored or white textured walls will often show dirt and dust trapped in the ridges compared to darker colors. A nap roller is the most ideal for painting onto your textured walls.

For best results, use high-quality semi-gloss paint and work in a zigzag pattern for a more even finish. Work slowly to avoid accidental drips and splutters then fill the crevices where the roller cannot reach with an angled brush. Allow the paint to dry before applying a second coat.

For stucco textured surfaces, thoroughly clean the surface with a pressure washer for exterior stucco. Let the stucco dry completely before painting. For interior stucco cleaning, use a solution of soap and water with a scrubbing brush and wait for the surface to dry.

For interior stucco surfaces, use a thick nap roller and quality masonry paint. Press the nap roller evenly onto your stucco and use an angled paintbrush to fill up the deep spaces. You may also use a paint sprayer for interior stucco painting but ensure that the windows and floors are covered to prevent any overspray messes. For both exterior and interior stucco, two coats of paint are recommended.

For narrow spaces, a wall brush may also be used. Since you will be filling gaps when painting textured surfaces, note that you will use more paint than you would require when painting flat surfaces.

Professional Interior Painting In Ft. Washington

Painting textured surfaces require a lot of effort, skill and the right tools to pull off a high-quality and durable paint job. If you have never painted a textured wall before, you should probably consider hiring a professional painting contractor like Aspen Painting.

At Aspen Painting, we have years of experience in painting textured walls and all types of siding substrates. So if you need professional help repainting your house in Horsham, PA, Ambler, Dresher, Ft. Washington, or Blue Bell, we would be glad to assist. Simply call us today to get started.

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