How To Paint Your Exterior Doors And Windows In Blue Bell, PA

How To Paint Your Exterior Doors And Windows In Blue Bell, PA

How To Paint Your Exterior Doors And Windows In Blue Bell, PA

Updating your doors and windows with a fresh coat of paint is an easy and cost-effective way of enhancing the beauty and value of your home.

If you don’t have the time or budget to perform an entire exterior repaint, here are a few tips on how to update your doors and windows.

Prepare your doors and windows.

To obtain a result that will enhance the exterior of your house, you will need to carry out good preparation.

The first step in preparing your doors and windows is to assess their condition. Is the current paint peeling? Are your windows or doors damaged?

After this brief assessment, it’s time for action.

Clean Your Doors and Windows.

First of all, do a good cleaning of the surfaces that you want to repaint, especially in the case of window frames.
For cleaning, use a residue-free cleaner such as TSP or black soap, for example. Soaps without residue have the advantage of not leaving any greasy substance on the surfaces.

Sand Your Doors and Windows.

Sanding is a demanding step that you would like to do without, but that is almost always not an option.
Not sanding can ruin your entire project, which is, all in all, much worse than a few hours of sanding.
The condition of your windows and doors may require a different level of sanding intensity.

If the paint on your doors and windows is chipping, then sand with a medium grain paper (between 100 and 180).
If the chipping is spread over all of your surfaces, you can start by removing the loose chips with a scraper, and then finish with the sandpaper.
It is important to remove anything susceptible to chipping before painting.

If your surface is rough wood, then it should be sanded with an orbital sander, preferably.

Repair Damaged Surfaces.

If parts of your windows or doors are cracked or have holes in them, it is best to fill them so that you have a flat surface.
You can use a wood filler for exterior use. It is applied using a small spatula to fill the cavity.
Then, let the filler dry and then sand lightly to even out the touch-up.

Paint Your Doors and Windows.

First, you want to protect windows and surfaces you don’t want to repaint with painter’s masking tape.
If the situation allows it, you can also dismantle your windows.
This way, you will be able to paint them horizontally, which will be more convenient and easy.

Applying Paint.

When it comes to applying paint to windows or doors, it is recommended to use a brush, given the many nooks and crannies a window has.
When applying the paint to the window, you want to be careful not to create any extra thickness.

You could also use a spray gun to apply the paint. Painting with a gun has the advantage of being faster.
However, this method results in a loss of paint of up to 30%.
Also, spray painting takes some skill, but if you feel comfortable, then go for it.
It is also preferable to dismantle your doors and windows beforehand, to avoid the mist from the sprayer ending up on the surfaces that you do not wish to paint.

All exterior paints will require a minimum of two coats of paint.
Although most of these are ready to recoat in 3 to 4 hours, it is strongly recommended to wait overnight before applying the second coat.
This will ensure that the paint is dry and that the application of your second coat is made under ideal conditions.

Need Help With That?

As always, if you don’t have the skills or tools to handle your painting or touch up, you should consider hiring a professional painting contractor in Blue Bell, PA.

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