Ideas for Staining Your Wooden Deck/Terrace in Horsham, PA

Ideas for Staining Your Wooden Deck_Terrace in Horsham, PA

Ideas for Staining Your Wooden Deck/Terrace in Horsham, PA

A fresh coat of stain can transform your yard, adding color — and value — to your home.

It is easier to refresh your patio and protect it simultaneously with the exterior stains that ensure durability and style as you relax outdoors with friends and family.

Stains come in varying degrees of opacity, which is the degree to which you can see the wood’s natural grain: clear, translucent, semi-transparent, semi-opaque, and opaque.

Opacity 101

When it comes to the impact a stain can have on your patio’s look, understanding the concept of opacity is essential.

The degree of opacity indicates how well you can see the natural grain of the wood, as follows:

• The clear stain with no added color highlights the natural beauty of the wood.
• The translucent stain fully showcases the grain and texture of the wood, adding a touch of color.
• The semi-transparent stain lets the grain and texture of the wood almost completely show through with a slightly more pronounced touch of color.
• The semi-opaque stain, with its darker undertones, covers most imperfections while slightly emphasizing the wood’s grain and texture.
• Solid stain provides the richest color of all stains, hiding most of the wood’s imperfections while leaving minimal texture.

Color: There are Many Choices
When it comes to your patio color, consider coating it in the same shade as your home’s moldings so that it stands out from the main body of your home while creating a cohesive look and highlighting details and architectural features of the terrace.

To compose a monochrome decor, use a shade similar to the primary color of your home. This choice is ideal for drawing attention to the fireplace or the dining area of your patio.

There is a wide variety of colors to explore, from driftwood grays to warm dead leaf hues,

Wood matters
Wood is the most common building material for decks. More expensive hardwoods, like mahogany or ipe, have a beautiful grain and texture that a translucent or semi-transparent stain can enhance.
Softer, more economical woods, including pressure-treated bog pine or cedar, take advantage of semi-opaque or solid stains’ natural weather resistance properties.

Composite material, an alternative to wood, is also a popular choice. While the selling point for a composite deck is often low-maintenance, it still requires protection from fading and weather – just like a wooden deck.

Reduce the size of your project
Are you not ready to invest that much? Applying a coat of paint or stain to patio furniture will be less demanding than refreshing the entire patio.
Besides being an easy way to revitalize your patio, almost any bright color will add an attractive sparkle against a neutral background or wood tint.

Another option is to stain only the handrail and railing of your patio. Tap into your interior color palette to visually unify, albeit subtly, you’re interior and exterior decor.
Otherwise, use a combination of stain colors to outline different parts of your patio.

Test your Stain: It is easy to “try” the chosen stain on the wood intended to receive the coating. In fact, there is no better way to see the true color.

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