Interior Painting Blue Bell, PA: Need Help Choosing Your Bathroom Paint Color?

Interior Painting Blue Bell, PA: Need Help Choosing Your Bathroom Paint Color?

The bathroom is a room in its own right which, like the others, deserves careful decoration.
In addition to optimizing the toilets’ space to save appreciable space, we try to choose a color for the walls to enlarge the room and give it a beautiful light visually.

In this article, we share a few tips on choosing a paint color for your bedroom.

White in Total Look or Not

It’s impossible to miss the white for the toilets’ walls if you want to enjoy an ultra-bright room.
The unmistakable sanitized white is THE color that comes to mind for many people because it intensifies cleanliness.
It is also the immaculate white that makes it possible to highlight colored sanitary equipment and small storage units and the vanity unit, especially if they are available in a strong shade or a bright color.

White in total look is quite acceptable in toilets, and to break up the monotony, it suffices to punctuate the decoration with a few colored objects.
You can also opt for moderation by placing white only on one or two walls.
In this case, the remaining walls can accommodate an ultra-dark shade or a pastel color or bolder.
Everyone can choose what suits them best, provided that the harmony between the walls, the furniture, and the sanitary equipment is preserved.

A Dark Colour On One or Two Walls Only

Black, chocolate, midnight blue, and burgundy are all very trendy colors to put in the toilets, as long as they are not put on all the walls.
In the bathroom, where all the walls are ultra-dark, the room is darkened and appears even more cramped than it actually is.
Therefore, skip the total dark look and opt for walls of different colors.

Dark walls give an impression of height to the room.

When a wall is against the light, it always looks darker than it actually is,
Choosing a dark color for the wall on which the window is located illuminates the room, but the other walls must be light.
Putting a dark color on the back wall or a patterned wallpaper visually enlarges the room.

A trendy color for bathroom walls

When you decide to repaint your toilets, it is usually not to make them look old-fashioned.
We like our interior to be trendy, but we risk having to repaint our toilets/interior every year by trying to follow fashion too much.
Unless the work is a passion, it is better to opt for timeless colors.
In this category of colors, we inevitably find:

• Taupe is soft, although quite pronounced color widely used in interior design, including in toilets and bathrooms.
• Linen, perfect with chocolate or glossy brown wall, to bring a zen touch to the room, full of softness and charm
• The straw yellow in small touches illuminates the place, so a wall is enough.
• Green, of which there are many variations. A pine green or duck green wall goes perfectly with chic sanitary ware, bathroom furniture with copper handles, and copper fittings as well. Green brings a natural note and elegance to your toilet.
• Orange, in simple touches or on a complete wall, which is both soft and full of vitality if you don’t choose it too bold.
• Blue is perfect for toilets because it brings a touch of freshness and aquatic décor according to its chosen shade. You can choose different blues and combine them with white, cream, or linen, for example, to create a delightful monochrome that brings a touch of romanticism.

Need Some Help With Your Interior Painting In Blue Bell, PA?

If you don’t have the right skills, tools, or experience in residential painting, choosing the right paint colors can be super-difficult. Luckily, Aspen Painting can help with that.

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