Need Help Choosing Accent Colors Horsham, PA? Follow These Steps

Need Help Choosing Accent Colors, Horsham, PA? Follow These Steps

If you’re creating an accent wall, choosing the right paint colors can be a little confusing.
All the articles, inspirational pictures, and video tutorials out there can make the decision somewhat overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time doing interior painting and decorating in Horsham, PA.

With that in mind, here are some tips to help you choose the best interior accent colors that will add interest in your living space and while enhancing your existing décor.

What Atmosphere So You Want To Create?

Different colors transmit different energies, and these can have a significant effect on some people.
For example, if you want to paint a bedroom, a red accent wall may be jarring or prevent you from sleeping.
A color like sky-blue, which is a bright tone, can create a more soothing atmosphere.
In a room where you want to generate energy, such as a playroom or a study, bright colors such as lime green will do the trick.
Color temperature also plays a role. Warm colors like orange or red create a different atmosphere compared to cool colors like purple, blue, and green.

Play With Color Shades

A darker shade will contrast with the lighter walls and grab attention, and that’s exactly what you want.
A good rule of thumb is to paint the wall you want to highlight in the same color as the others, but in two tones darker.
If you have doubts about the choice of colors and location, this method may be the safest.

If You Have To Choose Bold Colors, Go For Muted Shades

The intense, vivid colors are ideal for accent walls, but if you’re more interested in bolder colors, like fiery red, think carefully before making a decision.
This is true, especially if the color you are considering is on the trend.
Trends come and go, and over time you will be happier with a more neutral tone.

You don’t necessarily have to avoid trendy colors like bright purple or blue-green.
If you are considering a flashy or unusual color, consider a slightly dull shade of that color.

Don’t Be Too Matchy-Matchy

Don’t use the dominant color in your color scheme on your accent wall.
Everything in the room will be too harmonized, and nothing will stand out, which will make your accent wall a little confusing.
For best results, be sure to choose a color that contrasts with the dominant color in the room.

Does The Color Complement Your Décor Color Scheme?

The accent wall needs to complement the existing decoration, and the best way to do this is to reproduce color from the current color palette.
Secondary colors in your current scheme are usually an excellent choice for accent walls.

For example, the color of your pillows, or the pattern of the fabric of the sofa will be perfect.
A color that often stands out in your wall decor is another great choice.
If the current decor consists of a dark blue sofa with dark green stripes, dark green pillows, dark blue curtains, and a small green carpet, consider using green for your accent wall.

The Bottom line

Accent walls are beautiful, subtle additions that can evoke feelings of excitement in any room in your home.
Following the above tips should help you create a unique focal point that demands attention and enhances your interior decor.

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