Interior Painting Horsham, PA: 7 Good Reasons to Hire a Professional

Interior Painting_ 7 Good Reasons to Hire a Professional

Interior Painting Horsham, PA: 7 Good Reasons to Hire a Professional

Thinking of painting your house by yourself to save on expenses?
Well, while that may be possible, consider this…
You may have some knowledge, and maybe you helped a friend or family member to paint their home.

But is the savings you make on DIY home painting worth the hassle?
Here are seven reasons why we think otherwise.

1. Reducing Travel

By calling on an expert, you do not have to travel to buy the necessary materials and equipment.
A professional house painter takes care of all these purchases.
You will, therefore, save fuel and time. You also will not have to worry about forgetting something or running out of paint.
In short, thanks to the professional painter, you do not have to go through all the logistical and purchasing hassles.

2. Saving Money

A knowledgeable painter will save you money, and headaches. An amateur painter will take twice as long, and he will often make mistakes that will take more time and money to fix. I’ll give you an example; when wallpaper is removed, it is critical to remove the paste residue from the surface. Many times we have seen walls where the paste residue was not removed and was painted over. The wet paint reactivates the paste residue and after drying leaves an alligator or crackled finish that may eventually start peeling from the surface, leaving a costly repair for the homeowner.

You will also save on the expense of purchasing the proper tools and equipment needed to do your painting project. 

3. The Quality of the Work

When your house or your commercial building is painted by a professional painter with considerable experience, an excellent reputation, and high ratings, you can be assured of the quality of the work. A reputable professional painter will use the best materials, tools and equipment to provide you with professional high-quality results.

4. Warranty and Insurance

A reputable professional painting company will guarantee their work and provide a warranty.  They will also carry adequate insurance should the unfortunate event of an accident occur. This will give you peace of mind knowing that if you are dissatisfied with any part of your painting project, the contractor will make it right. You will also be comforted by not having to to risk injury to yourself from falling off a ladder or any other hazard associated with doing the work yourself. 

5. Professional Advice

By hiring a professional painter, you have access to advice on the choice of products, tools, and techniques.
Indeed, an experienced painter is a master in the art of choosing what best suits each situation.
Do you need a primer? How many coats of paint will it take?
Is it better to choose a matte or gloss finish?
Can we paint over wallpaper? …and so on.
And how about choosing paint colors? A professional painter is not often a designer, but they should be able to point you in the right direction based on your likes and preferences. Some painting companies will have a color specialist on staff or have a partnership with one that will provide that service.

6. Expertise

Some contractors specialize in painting hard to reach areas such as high cathedral ceilings that require scaffolding. They may specialize in painting kitchen cabinets and other custom cabinetry using fine finish spray equipment. Knowledgeable professionals know what products to use for specific conditions and have the proper tools and equipment to complete the project. Many times we have seen the results of amateur painters/homeowners that did not prepare surfaces properly before painting or used the wrong product for the project, leaving themselves dissatisfied with the outcome. Take the time to ask questions about the preferred techniques for your painting project. You will see if the painter you are considering is familiar with your type of project.

7. Minor Renovations

A good painter should be able to carry out minor renovations such as drywall and plaster repair, rotted or damaged wood repairs, caulking, paint stripping or sanding to remove old paint. Some may provide carpentry services for installing chair rail, crown molding, wainscoting and the like. They may have a carpenter on staff or a partnership with one that they work with. 

Let the Pros Handle It!

Do you really want to spend your next vacation or your weekends painting your house? 
Do you even know how exhausting it is to paint a ceiling for two hours?

Save your time and money by doing what you do best, and leave the painting to the professionals!  A word of caution though; do your due diligence before hiring anyone. All painters are NOT equal!

If you want professional help with interior home painting, Aspen Painting & Wallcovering, Inc. can assist.
We have years of experience in interior and exterior home painting and can help you choose the best colors for your project at no extra cost.

Our residential painting services are currently available in areas throughout Bucks and Montgomery County such as Doylestown, Warrington, Horsham, Ambler, Dresher, Ft. Washington, and Blue Bell, to name a few.

Call us on 215-773-8422 for a FREE estimate to get started OR Book an appointment with us online at

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