Techniques for Painting a High Ceiling in Blue Bell, PA

Techniques for Painting a High Ceiling in Blue Bell, PA

In your work remaking the look of your home interior, you will sometimes come across a ceiling that is higher than usual and as such it’s good to think about how to better paint such a ceiling, which will not be quite the same as painting a standard ceiling.

It’s worth noting that when you come to the project equipped with the right knowledge as well as the right sort of painting equipment for this kind of project, you’ll do much better for yourself.

With that being the case, let’s look at some important techniques for painting a high ceiling that will help make it look better.

1. Get Help

The work of painting a high ceiling is one that can be accomplished if you are on your own, but it is not such a good idea and in some ways, it is quite a bit more risky than if you have someone helping you.

One issue that people tend to face when they’re painting a high ceiling is that they will want to take the occasional break and when you have someone working with you, you’ll be able to do this more easily without feeling as though you’re abandoning the project.

There are a number of ways in which having a second person will help with the safety of the project, which we will explain as this article continues.

2. Secure The Ladder

If you are going to make use of a ladder to get up to the ceiling, you should do everything that you can in order to secure the ladder and keep yourself safe while you are on it.

The best and safest way that you can do this is to have a second person with you as mentioned above as you will be able to employ the person to hold the ladder and not allow it to fall.

If you are for any reason unable to get someone to secure the ladder for you, you should still make sure the ladder is firmly standing before you get up on it, and in no case should you go up higher than the next to last rung — that would just be asking for catastrophe.

3. Ensure Proper Lighting

If your workspace isn’t well lit, you’re going to struggle painting your high ceiling and though good lighting is important in any painting scenario, it’s a bit more difficult when you are painting your high ceiling.

Making use of a headlamp while you are painting is one way that you can be sure that the area that you are painting is being well lit, and it won’t involve you setting up a light in a particular area as you will be taking the light with you.

Using a work light would also work well to get your high ceiling lit up so that you aren’t going to miss out on any spots on the high ceiling that need to be painted properly.

4. Higher Nap Is Better

The benefits of making use of a paint roller with a higher nap (such as one inch) are that you are going to be able to get more paint on the roller and as such spend less time loading the roller with paint and more time spreading the paint on the high ceiling.

A higher nap paint roller is also going to be good for your painting project in that it will be better for more evenly distributing the paint on the ceiling, which will give the overall project a nicer look than if you were to use a lower nap.

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