Telecommuting in Pennsylvania: 6 places to set up an office area at home

Telecommuting in Pennsylvania: 6 places to set up an office area at home

Telecommuting in Pennsylvania: 6 places to set up an office area at home

With everything going on around us, it’s safe to say the telecommuting will take center stage in most of our daily work operations for a while.
It offers many the chance to work from home as needed or full time.

If you are thinking of setting up an office space at home and wondering which is the best place, here are some suggestions.

But first, there are a few essential things to consider before deciding where to place your workspace.

• Have access to one or more electrical outlets.
• Prefer a bright space or one in which there is suitable lighting.
• Have storage space or accessories to store nearby.
• Have the possibility of integrating an additional screen (if necessary).
• Have enough space to accommodate a task chair (in the long run, the stool or kitchen chair could become uncomfortable).
• Opt for a peaceful corner (especially if you have young children).

And on the inspiration side, here are a few places that might be right for you.

Office Area in The Living Room

The living room, probably the place where you have the most space to set up your office area.
It is also a busy room. It’s up to you to assess whether you will be able to work there.
If so, transform your bookcase or attach a shelf to work on it.
Make sure you have storage if needed.

Workspace in The Kitchen

Is your kitchen quite enough? It all depends on your reality.
If you think you can concentrate in the kitchen or if your working time is short, the kitchen can be a practical space to set up your office since, in general, it is one of the brightest rooms in the house.
You will certainly not run out of light, and you will be very close to your coffee maker for a refile.
Use the counter, the kitchen island, a shelf, or just the table.
However, if you need to install a screen and storage or if you have a lot of wiring, choose a less crowded area.

A Desk in Your Bedroom

A desk in the bedroom is a nice alternative.
This more secluded and peaceful room will promote your concentration.
Depending on the space, set up a small table or attach a shelf near a window ideally for more light.
Otherwise, since the bedroom is usually not the brightest room in the house, go for task light.
A bedside lamp can do the trick. Complete with an office chair, some storage, and you’re good to go.

Work corner in a wardrobe

Do you have a wardrobe that is not too full and which you would like to clean/declutter?
Of course, you will need to set up a desk or attach a tablet if you run out of space.
If you can, remove the doors for easier access and light.
Attach a few shelves to store small storage that will be very useful to you.

Office Area in A Walk-In Closet

Who said that a walk-in closet is just for storing clothes?
You might get a taste for working in your favorite room.
It is the perfect place to be quiet and concentrate.
Turn a dresser into a desk, use the makeup table if you have one, or attach a simple shelf.
Do you have a lot of space? Place a desk or table right in the center of your walk-in closet.
You will be able to admire your collection of shoes or clothing while being productive.

This is by far not an exhaustive list of possible home office setups, but you get the drift.
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