Tips for Maintaining Your Doors and Windows in Blue Bell, PA

Tips for Maintaining Your Doors and Windows in Blue Bell, PA

If well maintained, your doors and windows can stay beautiful for a long time, in addition to keeping the house warm in winter and cool in summer.

In this article, we want to share some tips on how to maintain your doors and windows for improved durability and aesthetics.

Adjust a door latch

Is your door not closing properly? The first thing to check is the latch located on the door frame.
Tighten the screws with a screwdriver, making sure they are 1-inch screws. If they do not tighten well, insert a toothpick into the hole, and break it flash with the frame.
Repeat until the hole is plugged.
Then insert the screw into the pile of toothpicks and screw in completely.
If the latch is offset when the door is closed, use the toothpick method to tighten the screws firmly.

Consider Purchasing of Pre-Assembled Doors

Even if they are slightly more expensive to buy than frameless doors, pre-assembled doors save time and avoid adjustment problems since they are pre-drilled and already fitted with hinges.

Just remove the old door and its jamb. The new pre-assembled door can be inserted into the opening and then adjusted using a level and shims.

Stay Warm in Winter

The old windows are made of wood or aluminum. Despite their beautiful appearance, they have the disadvantage of letting out a good amount of heat in winter.

To remedy the problem, caulk the moving parts and window slides with removable caulk.
Then apply a plastic film on the inside of each window. These two products will save you hundreds of dollars a year in heating costs.

Maximize The Energy Efficiency of the Garage

Most of the time, the garages attached to the house are isolated, except for their doors.
In many cases, these are made of wood or steel and have no R-value.

The solution: insulating blankets. Very easy to install and they prevent heat from escaping from the garage and cold from entering the house.
In addition, their soundproofing properties will make the house quieter.

Also, remember to check that the door is properly closed. Often it is simply a matter of adjusting the rails on the door rollers to fix the problem.

For A Very Smooth Glide, Polish The Rails

The dirt that accumulates on the rails of patio doors and windows eventually wears them out much quicker.
This is why they should be cleaned regularly. First, pass the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner over the closing devices and on the rails, then wash them in soapy water, before rinsing thoroughly.
Finally, apply Teflon or aerosol silicone to the rails.

Give A Youthful Air to The Vintage Hardware

Brass and copper hardware usually adorns the doors of old or classified historic houses and, very often, is original. To preserve its beauty, it is important to maintain it well.

There are two simple methods to restore their radiance. In the case of brass, rub with a lemon slice dipped in salt, then wipe with a soft cotton cloth.
As for copper, apply a paste made from a mixture of equal parts of salt, vinegar, and flour, leave to stand for five minutes.
Then wipe with a damp soft cotton cloth.

Repaint the door

Replacing an entry door is an expensive project, which in most cases must be carried out by a professional.
To refresh its appearance, simply paint it in another color.

To do this, first, remove the hardware from the door. Then apply masking tape on the linings, then repair the notches and cracks with a sealer that you will then sand with fine-grained sandpaper.
Subsequently, apply a good quality primer with a small roller and brush.

Hiring on a professional painting contractor like Aspen Painting is the guarantee of a flawless, durable, and high-quality paint job on your windows and doors.

We have years of experience in exterior painting and staining with a long list of happy customers in Horsham, PA, Ambler, Dresher, Ft. Washington, and Blue Bell, PA.


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