5 Questions To Ask Your Interior Painting Contractor in Ft. Washington, PA

5 Questions To Ask Your Interior Painting Contractor in Ft. Washington, PA

As you may imagine, the interior painting of your home can be a rather complicated matter and for that reason, you may wish to reach out to a professional painting contractor – we have a fairly good recommendation for one that you can probably guess but let’s get to that later in this article.

When you have a professional painting contractor, it’s good to know what to tell them and what questions to ask them to help them help you with your interior painting work.

Let’s now look at and consider five interior painting questions to ask your painting contractor in Ft. Washington, PA

1. How Can I Help You Prepare The Room?

Perhaps one of the best questions that you can ask your painting contractor is what you can do to help prepare the room that is going to be painted prior to their arrival and beginning the painting process.

There are a number of answers that you’re going to possibly get to this question, including that you should try to remove furniture from the room or that you should make an effort to remove some of the excess other things in the room as it were — or even that you should lightly dust 

Whatever it is that the professional painting contractor is going to ask you to do, make sure that you do your best to get it done well before they arrive to start the paintwork.

2. Do You Need Me To Be Here For It?

A fairly straightforward question that you should ask your painting contractor is whether your presence is going to be necessary for the painters.

It’s entirely possible that the painting contractor won’t have any need for you to be there, but won’t have any issues with your being there — after all, sometimes we want to be home when people are working on the house.

On the other hand, it could be possible that for the purposes of the painting contractor it would be better that you not be there for the paintwork – though it may end up that they will be okay for you to at least be in the house but not in the actual room where it is happening.

3. What Kind Of Paint Should We Use For The Room?

A key question that you should get clear with your painting contractor is to make sure you are using the right sort of paint.

The question will quite possibly come back to you — what kind of room is it, and what sort of traffic do you expect to find in the room?

If for example you expect to see a lot of foot traffic in the room and there’s a chance that people will have food with them often enough, you’ll want a sort of paint that can be easily cleaned, like a glossy paint.

For a paint that is better at hiding imperfections on the wall surface but harder to clean, look at flat paint.

4. How Long Will This Paint Job Work?

As it’s your home, you of course have the right to know about how long it’s going to be before you get your house back so to speak — how long the painting project is going to take, in other words.

The painting contractor should be able to tell you based on the dimensions of the room and the hours that you’re okay with them painting about how long it will take them to paint.

5. What Color Should We Use Here?

Lastly, you should think about the color or colors that you’re going to be able to use for your interior room.

With some support from your painting contractor, you’ll be able to find the right color or colors for the room based on the use of the room as well as other such elements.

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