5 Living Room Painting Mistakes To Avoid in Horsham, PA

5 Living Room Painting Mistakes To Avoid in Horsham, PA.

Our living rooms are an essential space in our homes – it is where we spend the most time doing various activities and where family bonds are formed and strengthened.

It is also the first thing we see in our house, the room that establishes the homey vibe we should feel as we get inside our home.

So, it is only important that we put much thought into painting our living room, as it is vital towards establishing that vibe we want to set in our home. 

If you’re currently on the internet, busy looking up tips on how to paint your living room and do it right, well, you’ve come to the right place.

Without further ado, here are 5 Living Room Painting Mistakes To Avoid in Horsham, PA.

1. Using The Wrong Brush

One mistake that is very easy to overlook and commit would be to use the wrong brush in painting your living room.

There are two types of paint, water-based and oil-based, which have very different consistencies and require different brushes.

Contrary to popular thought, you cannot just pick any brush from your nearest local hardware store and call it a day because even the type of brush has an effect on the result of your paint project.

For ensured satisfactory results, you should remember to use natural bristle brushes when using oil-based paints and synthetic brushes for water-based latex paint.

2. Skipping Primer

Skipping primer would seem to be a decision that would not affect the quality of your paint project in a long time, but you are gravely mistaken for this mindset.

Primer makes the paint adhere and stick better to the surface you’re painting on and offers better coverage for when you’re painting over dark walls.

Additionally, it also makes your paint color pop more and last longer.

If you’d want to bask your living room in glorious, brilliant color that will surely last long, keep in mind never to skip the primer. 

3. Checking Paint Samples in the Wrong Light

A very easy mistake to commit in choosing a color to paint your living room would be to check out color samples under the wrong lighting.

Why is this, you ask? Well, lighting is a big factor in making colors appear how they are, and checking out paint samples under different lighting than your living room may result in different, unsatisfactory results. 

In order to ensure that you’re going to end up with what you’re expecting, just do the smart initiative of checking paint samples under your living room light, so you can see which colors would look best under that light.

4. Painting on a Dirty Surface

You should always clean the surface you’re planning to paint on before applying any coat of primer or paint.

Our living room walls are subjected to thousands of micro-dust, grease, grimes, and much other dirt you’d never imagined were there.

Doing this extra but essential step of cleaning before painting ensures that you’re going to be painting on a clean wall, and the paint will adhere to it much better.

Additionally, it would also be great to sand the surface you’re painting on, so you can ensure that it will be an even surface all across. 

5. Buying Cheap Materials

Lastly, you must never commit the mistake of buying cheap paint materials.

Buying cheap materials may seem like you’re saving money, as you’re practically getting the same materials for a more affordable price.

Still, these are technical of lower quality and will show signs of deterioration faster than more pricey but higher quality materials.

By buying more expensive, but higher quality materials, you ensure the quality of your project and save for the long run, as you definitely won’t be facing a repaint project anytime soon. 


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