7 Interior Trim Tips to Dress Up Your Home in Dresher, PA

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7 Interior Trim Tips to Dress Up Your Home in Dresher, PA

There are times when putting your interior designs into practice that you find something is lacking — or perhaps there is a small something that just seems off in the new home you thought was perfect.

That missing piece could be trim, whether a lack of it or a clash with your personal style.

Changing this feature to suit your needs could be exactly what you need to step over the line between good and perfect — but how do you find the right type?

Let’s answer that question with these 7 interior trim tips to dress up your home in Dresher, PA.

1. Call to attention

Trim can be a helpful tool in bringing interesting features of your home to light — whether that is a recessed ceiling, sunken living room or dormered window.

Adding the right frame for the feature helps to set it apart from the room surrounding it and enhance its deliberate design. 

This can be especially fun when showcasing your different windows — smaller, plain trim around a dormered window in a room where the regular windows have broader trim distinguishes the individuality in the styles. 

2. Stain vs. paint

There is a fierce debate between staining and painting your wood trim — in fact, you likely know at least one person who is firmly on each side of this argument.

However, your choice is entirely personal and helps to enhance the decor themes you are presenting.

A white painted trim can add stunning contrast to rich wall colors while letting the grain show through in a flattering stain color can modernize a room for a more sleek look.

3. Combination trim

Just as style can be eclectic, so can trim — you do not have to conform to one style per room in order for your design to look fantastic.

Mixing a nice beadboard with a chair rail and even crown molding gives your space a classy feel without clashing.

The key here is consistency with your paint and stain choices in order to tie things together nicely.

4. Surround the cabinets

Doors and windows are typically the first things you think of in a home to surround with trim, but you can really dress up your kitchen by putting in trim around the cabinets.

Especially in kitchens where the cabinets end only a couple inches from the ceiling, a nice molding can elongate the look of your cupboards while cutting down on one pesky dust-catching space.

If you love an eclectic style, you can tie together multiple colors into one theme by painting your trim a contrasting shade to the cabinets themselves.

5. Frame it up

Expansive rooms can be great for entertaining and just feeling like you can stretch out and breathe, but it can be tedious when finding enough art to cover the considerable wall space.

Rather than relying solely on a gallery or shelving, you can use trim to make eye-catching geometric designs that either enhance the art around them or are the statement themselves.

With many options of smaller trim coming in with an equally small price tag, this is a budget-friendly style choice.

6. Mind your switches

With functionality sometimes comes forgettability — and this is often the case with light switches and power outlets.

Really complete your room’s look by adding trim around your switch plates and take a cheap piece of hardware to a lovely piece of art.

7. Don’t forget to look up

Lastly, don’t think that your ceiling couldn’t use a little pizzazz as well — in fact, there are trim styles made for enhancing the top of your room.

From panels to light or fan pendants to exposed beams, incorporating a style of trim on your ceilings elevates the overall value of a room and leaves you (and anyone visiting your home) with the sense that no space was left forgotten.

Hiring a professional painting contractor like Aspen Painting is the guarantee of a flawless, durable, and high-quality paint job.

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