5 Ways to Decorate a Game Room in Ambler, PA

5 Ways to Decorate a Game Room in Ambler, PA

Whether you like to play video games, tabletop games, or roleplaying games, it is great to have a room in your home devoted to these fun diversions.

How do you choose what goes on the walls — should everything be functional, funny, or stylish?

Game rooms have a wide variety of options due to the equally wide variety of games and everyone will have their personal style.

Let’s find yours in these five ways to decorate a game room in Ambler, PA.

1. Frame the game

Just as playing a game requires multitasking, the suggestions here will do the same — starting with a fun way to store your board games. 

Rather than taking up space in a cabinet or on shelves, you can frame your game boards and hang the corresponding pieces in bags attached to the back of the board. 

When it’s time to play, simply take the game down and play on the framed board and hang it back up when you’re done.

You can get plexiglass cut to frame sizes if you are uncomfortable with using regular glass and you can even write on the surface with dry-erase markers if the game board needs tweaking — we all have our random house rules.

Decorative and playable is a win-win.

2. Get the comfy chairs

Regardless of your preferred gaming medium, you will be sitting down at one point or another for various lengths of time — considerable lengths of time if you’re playing some sort of RPG campaign.

Save yourself some grief and surround your tables (regular, pool, ping pong, or otherwise) with chairs that will afford you and your fellow players a break from an aching tailbone.

Cushy wingbacks can serve you well in most areas but you might consider recliners in front of a tv for the hardcore video gamers — ones equipped with drink holders definitely wouldn’t hurt.

3. Make your table multifunctional

There are great tables on the market that can be two to three different games in one — air hockey, ping pong, and a flat surface come together as a package deal fairly often, in fact.

Think about using these tables in your game room to make space for other games that have less versatility and, if you have a smaller space to work with, enjoy offering a wider variety of options to your guests.

4. Chalk it up

One of the best parts about gaming is being able to brag about your high score and use it for some good-natured competition in future games.

Paint an accent wall with chalk paint so scores can be proudly displayed and friendly rivals can write messages to those who have bested them.

The bonus to using chalk is the ability to wash off anything that isn’t something you want folks to see and you can constantly change things up with each game — you also won’t need to worry about pencils and paper for keeping score!

5. Create a lighting scheme

Finally, go for more than the average lighting when it comes to your game room.

Fun lights like disco balls or led signs can keep the mood playful when you are on your feet but overhead lighting with a brighter output can be more beneficial when playing a tabletop game. 

Always be mindful of the height you have any hanging lights because a stray ping pong paddle or pool cue might cost you a new fixture with one slip of the hand.

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