7 Tips for Creating an Inviting Guest Room in Blue Bell, PA

7 Tips for Creating an Inviting Guest Room in Blue Bell, PA

After all, the painting has been done and you are ready to get your guest room filled with furnishings (and guests), you should stop to think about what decor and furniture would create a welcoming atmosphere.

Will the bed be too soft, too firm, too large, or without enough around it for accessibility?

Should you stick to one color scheme or add in a splash of variety?

Let’s answer these questions with seven tips for creating an inviting guest room in Blue Bell, PA.

1. Choose the right mattress

The worst part of traveling is being away from your own bed and a challenge for hosts is having a guest bed that won’t leave visitors sore in the mornings.

When shopping for a mattress, be sure to discuss the versatility of the firmness with your salesperson and try it out in the store yourself — try various sleeping positions to see how many can be done comfortably.

You won’t be able to please everyone but you can at least keep from displeasing them.

2. Provide fresh linens

Showing a guest the way to the linen closet might be logical but it’s also a bit impersonal.

Having a stack of nicely folded, freshly laundered towels at the foot of the bed when guests arrive gives them the impression that you were thinking ahead for their visit and deepens their feeling of welcome.

Sinking into bed at night with the scent of clean sheets and blankets rather than ones recently aired out will complete the feeling.

3. Have a nightstand and a desk

Traveling nowadays almost ensures a phone is constantly close at hand — so a bedside table shows your guests that you mean to accommodate their needs.

Having an alarm clock on the table gives visitors without a need for their phones the ability to wake when they wish.

Adding a desk to the room gives your guest the ability to do many tasks that may linger on their vacation — whether that be keeping a checkbook balanced, writing in a journal, or doing quick work on their laptop.

4. Install adjustable lighting

We have all stayed in a room that was either too bright or too dark without the ability to change that.

Having dimmable lighting and accent lamps helps to welcome your guest into a room that can be suited specifically to them and adds to the comfort of the space. 

You can have fun with the lighting, too, by choosing interesting sconces or opting for a chandelier rather than a basic ceiling fixture.

5. Make the most of your space

Not everyone has the option of a spacious guest room but you can take steps to properly use the square footage available.

Daybeds take up less area and come with options for either a trundle bed that rolls out on the floor or one that lifts to expand the size of the bed itself which works great at adapting to a single guest or a couple.

Wall-mounted lighting like sconces eliminates the need for extra tables and you can double up furniture like dressers to also provide a desktop by using a stool.

6. Adopt a theme

Chaotic surroundings create chaotic minds and you want your guests to feel relaxed when staying in your home.

Avoid this by using a theme in the guest room that will tie together all the decor, paint or wallpaper, and the bedding for an organized look.

Simple, clean themes are the most inviting in this space, but most themes can work as long as they are done in moderation.

7. Place a small tv in the room

Finally, some nights you need your favorite show on in the background to help you fall asleep after a long or fun day — your guests are no different.

A small tv on the desk or dresser gives them the option of watching something if the need arises but neither takes up excess space or is large enough to suggest that will be their primary entertainment.

A tv with streaming options also gives your visitor the choice to listen to music rather than watch the screen, making your tv pull double-duty as a stereo.

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