Interior Design Ambler, PA: How to Arrange a Bedroom

Interior Design Ambler, PA_ How to Arrange a Bedroom

Interior Design Ambler, PA: How to Arrange a Bedroom

The changes in seasons can make you want a renewal in your home.
And you know what? The bedroom is often a favorite room to add a touch or two, whether it’s repainting, adding an accent wall, changing your curtains, or re-staining your wooden floor.

The layout and arrangements depend on the size of the room, the size of the furniture, and the windows’ position.

When planning your bedroom, never forget that this room is a place of relaxation and well-being. Here are some great ideas for a successful design of your bedroom in Ambler, PA.

Bedroom Windows

Furniture and the bedding must be arranged to enhance the window.
If you like to be in total darkness while you sleep, we recommend investing in good quality blackout shades.
You can also decorate your windows with decorative curtains to let in natural light during the day while maintaining your privacy.

The bed can be placed on the side of the window or in front of it. This piece of furniture is the centerpiece of the bedroom, and its location will have a definite impact on the arrangement of other furniture.
For this reason, we recommend that you always place the headboard against a wall.

Moreover, a headboard will be essential to you, both for its aesthetic appearance and prevent paint or wallpaper from getting damaged if you are often sitting in your bed.
The headboard dresses and gives character to your room while giving it a more stylish look.
Be sure to leave sufficient space to move around and clear the sides of the bed to be more comfortable in your movements.

Bedroom Lighting

A bedroom is a space for relaxation, where lighting is important.
Opt for subdued mood lighting that promotes relaxation and sleep.
Light is a key element of decoration. For this reason, it would be interesting to vary the lighting sources.
For example, you can install ceiling light for everyday needs and a bedside lamp for reading.
Note that if you benefit from several types of lighting, your room will be even more harmonized.

Be sure to buy fixtures that are suitable for the height and width of the room.
Wall lamps, pendant lights, or floor lamps; the choice is wide, and you will have no trouble finding the lighting combination that suits you.
A small bedroom will look bigger with good lighting.
Certain types of lighting are highly recommended for small bedrooms such as wall sconces, located above the headboard, and overhead pendant lights.

However, there are a few mistakes to avoid for successful bedroom lighting.
Under-lighting or over-lighting the room is not recommended for the health of your eyes and the appearance of your room.
Bedside lamps should not be too low or too high, so you have to strike a balance.
If you are installing a lampshade, it will need to be tailored to the room’s style and space so as not to clutter it up.

For a Small Bedroom

Some ideas are needed to free up space on the floor, such as installing shelves on the walls, cupboards above the bed, or shelves to slide under the bed.
Take note that large mirrors are strongly recommended for small spaces.
Embellished with designer and warm lighting, a beautiful mirror can easily enhance the character of your small bedroom.

Consider a platform bed in the same creative style that allows you additional storage space below the bed and on the sides.

Whatever you decide on the layout of your bedroom, never lose sight of this process’s primary objective, which is to create a comfortable space that promotes restful sleep, and that matches your personality.

As always, if you don’t have the skills or tools to handle your bedroom design, painting, or touch up, you should consider hiring a professional painting contractor in Ambler, PA.

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