Interior Décor Blue Bell, PA: Tips for Creating a Classic Theme

Interior Décor Blue Bell, PA: Tips for Creating a Classic Theme

Classic-style decor shouldn’t be seen as old-fashioned or associated with stepping into an interior from another era.
While this style is rooted in tradition, classic decor showcases architectural details in sophistication.
It revives timeless elements while remaining contemporary and in line with current trends.

You can easily modernize classic decor. First of all, the spaces should bet on rich patterned fabrics and decorative accessories that flirt with the baroque style, all in a monochrome space where order reigns.

Antiques rub shoulders with objects and accessories inspired by art deco.

Are you not lucky enough to have custom crown moldings, for instance? This article shares some essential elements you need to adopt for a classic and timeless decor in your home.

All about the Classic Décor

Furniture That Never Goes Out Of Style

In general, the decor of a classic room leans towards monochrome while being invigorated by pops of color that enhance without being too overwhelming.
Pale blue and gray tones are popular choices for walls, but they are best used in bathrooms and bedrooms.

If you decide to install a carpet, it should be neutral or even white to ensure that the other elements stand out.
For the touches of color used in a classic decor, think of warm tones, leaning towards yellow, green, brown, fireman red, and orange, as well as soft blues.

Crown moldings are another popular choice for homes with classic decor.
They do not go out of style and add a lot of character to the room.
If possible, you might even consider heavily loaded moldings or ceiling medallions, which in themselves serve as decorative elements.

Gold mirrors offer a variation reminiscent of the decorative style of moldings and prove to be an attractive option for tenants or for those who are not looking to commit to installing new moldings.

Decorate With Taste

Classic style is all about letting furniture and accessories speak for themselves.
Install a gold mirror against a wall to add depth and style to the room without making it overly formal.

Curtains should be a dominant element in a classically decorated room, featuring floral, plaid, houndstooth-style fabrics, or other timeless designs.
Plus, they should run the wall’s length, adding as much texture as a dimension to the room.

Antiques are another important element in a classic style decor; think of neoclassical columns, marble busts, porcelain vases, and any other object that adds visual interest to the room without being too kitsch.
Chandeliers are probably one of the most popular classic decorative accessories, as they add a formal aspect to the room.
If you are not looking for a light that will take up all the room space, choose a vintage-inspired model that is smaller than the traditional chandelier instead.

Find the right balance.

The classic style is about finding the right balance between “hard” and “soft” materials. Speaking of which, marble is often used in classic decors, but it can add to the mood if overused.
You could opt for a marble fireplace mantel, which attracts attention and adds a designer aspect to the room.

Simultaneously, it is customary to make room for delicate furniture, characterized by soft lines and covered in neutral or nuanced tones.

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