Interior Painting and Décor Horsham, PA: Creating the Minimalist Design

Interior Painting and Décor_ Creating the Minimalist Design

Interior Painting and Décor Horsham, PA: Creating the Minimalist Design

The minimalist style is the ultimate choice for the modern city dweller.
Minimalism adopts an aesthetic of simplicity, with thoughtful spaces that contain only high impact items and a limited number of furniture.

Anyone who adopts the minimalism mindset believes that clutter is, above all, a distraction.
They desire a space that gives them a feeling of calm and liberation.

In a messy room, our attention is very scattered; a minimalist interior causes less visual fatigue.

With that in mind, if you’re thinking about embracing the minimalist lifestyle, here’s our guide to mastering the style:

An Emphasis on Visual Appeal

One of the basic principles of minimalism is to edit and eliminate.
The process of creating a minimalist environment is done step by step, and first takes shape when you start to “edit” the rooms in their current state, selecting furniture and accessories according to form and function.
Start with a coin and remove a few items. Then wait a few days and revisit the room with a fresh look. Ask yourself which items are non-essential?

For the items that you question, there’s a good chance you don’t need them.
Edit and discard anything you like less or don’t use. The minimalist home doesn’t necessarily have to be monochrome or just have white walls.

Splashes of color can be incorporated into rooms, as long as they don’t dominate too much or shrink the space.
Before embarking on the decluttering step, make a mood board where you can bring together the colors and textures that you like while keeping in mind that the goal is to keep it simple.

Minimalist Decor = Simplicity First

As you will understand, minimalism is back to basics. The less furniture, the better. When thinking about what furniture can be removed from the room, remember to make choices without sacrificing comfort and quality of life.
Except for furniture, your floors should be as clear as possible.

Once you have sorted it out, give away or put away the furniture and objects that will no longer be used so as not to be tempted to return them to your home. If you keep certain items, keep them out of sight.

Maintain cleanliness
Do not leave trinkets lying around on flat surfaces and tables.
These spaces should be kept clear, except for one or two decorative items.
Stacks of books, papers, or magazines should be avoided in a minimalist interior. Instead, think of simple vases with a few flowers, as well as a family photo.

Don’t put too many things on your walls; set up just a few fine art pieces, which will serve as a focal point in an almost empty space.
Do not use heavy, overloaded fabrics for your curtains and window treatments.
If you are installing curtains, it will be best to opt for solid-colored fabrics or monochrome blinds.

Examples of renovation tasks for a minimalist style decor

Repaint prioritizing solid colors

We often associate the minimalist style with white and neutral shades.
Still, it is quite possible to choose other types of colors, including dark shades and even some bright colors like royal blue or terra cotta orange.
To adhere to the minimalist style, it is especially important to choose solid colors with a smooth and uniform finish.

Install storage that fits well with the rest of the room

If you start a process to adhere to a minimalist lifestyle, you are probably going to get rid of a lot of things that you don’t need.
For the rest, it will be important to have access to storage spaces that harmonize with the decor.

Remove bulky architectural elements.

It might seem counterproductive, but if you want to adopt a minimalist style of decor in your home, you may need to consider removing or replacing some architectural elements.
Think, for example, of moldings which can sometimes be very ornate, or of window frames which can have several flourishes.
If you want a very fluid look, characterized by the presence of straight lines, then you could replace these moldings and window frames with simpler models.

Using creative painting techniques and careful color selection can help you create a minimalistic design.

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