7 Paint Color Ideas For Your Living Room in 2021 in Ambler, PA

7 Paint Color Ideas For Your Living Room in 2021 in Ambler, PA

In looking to improve the look of your living room, one thing that you might want to do is to change the color or colors that are used on the wall — after all, if it has been quite awhile since the room was painted, it’s entirely possible that the walls are painted a color that don’t quite represent the people that you are now.

Moreover, it’s possible that the colors on the wall are a bit of a throwback to a bygone era, perhaps one that existed during an entirely different decade — and you want to show that the past is far behind you and that you are in a new era.

Let’s look at and consider seven paint color ideas for your living room in 2021 in Ambler, PA.

1. Sky Blue

The color of the sky is one that is quite pleasant in terms of colors to look at and in fact if you look at some of the more interesting studies in color psychology, a lot of them point to certain shades of blue having calming effects on people.

Sky blue is also quite nice in that since it does remind people of the sky it is quite relaxing.

2. Yellow

This is not to refer to the colors of a hilighter though of course if you want to make your living room look like you are trying to figure out what passage of a book is the most important you are free to do so.

Rather this is the more gentle light yellow that you would find on an artistic endeavor of a young child, and that would fill the room with brightness and color and glee.

3. Brown

Here too you may be thinking of a brown that would not be pleasant for any room and indeed we are not referring to the kind of brown that would give a person negative associations.

Instead here we are more thinking of the kind of brown that you would more commonly associate with the bark of a tree, as it is also more nature like.

You can even think of the kind of brown that would go along the color of dirt, as this can bring to mind the freeing feeling of walking along the ground bare foot.

4. Grassy Green

Speaking of walking along the ground, think about what else you’re going to be finding along the ground and of course you’re going to find a bunch of beautifully manicured grass.

The pleasant thing about having this color green on your walls instead of the more artificial greens that were found in decades that have past us is that this kind of green is that much more natural and will look good on your walls, even if complemented with a dark shade of blue perhaps.

5. Coral

Some people would think about the shades of pink as being exclusive to houses that are meant for dolls, but this does not have to be the case.

Indeed, depending on the shade of pink that you use (coral, for example) you can find all kinds of uses including painting your living room and making it look that much more welcoming.

6. Eggshell

There comes a time when you might want to have a color on your living room walls that is more neutral, and yet you don’t quite want to go all the way white.

When this happens, you can move to a color such as eggshell, as it adds just a bit of color to your wall without being overly colorful.

7. Beige

Beige is another way that you can paint the walls a more colorful way yet without leaving the neutral zone all that much.

If you are concerned that beige goes too much over the line you can always add a little gray in there and neutralize it just a bit.

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