7 Useful Bathroom Cabinet Painting Tips in Blue Bell, PA

7 Useful Bathroom Cabinet Painting Tips in Blue Bell, PA

In looking to improve your bathroom, one area that you might want to consider looking is that of your cabinet, that important place where you store much of your bathroom essentials and keep things well organized.

Though of course, it might seem simpler to just replace your cabinet entirely, in many cases it is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly to repaint the cabinet rather than to do that – and with a bit of help, you can do a good job repainting it.

Let’s look at seven useful bathroom cabinet painting tips in Blue Bell, PA.

1. Planning Out The Painting Project

One of the most important things you’re going to do when it comes to having a successful bathroom cabinet painting project is to first make sure that you plan it out well.

The importance of this comes in the form of you knowing well in advance the color that you’re going to use (or colors,) how much paint you are going to need, as well as when you’re going to be doing all of the painting – as by knowing all of this information you’ll be able to be assured that you’ll have the right amount of paint and know when to wait for surfaces to dry (more on this in a bit!)

2. Searching For Mold And Mildew

Being in a bathroom environment, it’s a good idea to look for mold and mildew on your bathroom cabinets before you start actually painting them.

This is because you should remove this kind of stuff from your cabinets as just painting will not stop the surfaces – only by cleaning them off properly will you be able to be rid of them.

3. Using Moisture Resistant Paint

On the subject of mold and mildew, if you want to truly want to take a stand against them you are going to want to make use of paint that is resistant to moisture when you’re painting your bathroom cabinets.

Though of course, even moisture-resistant paint can eventually get mold and mildew, you can be assured that it will resist said mold quite a bit better than paint that does not resist it.

4. Remove Doors And Drawers (And Hardware)

In painting your bathroom cabinets, it’s a good idea to remove the doors, drawers, and even the hardware prior to starting the painting process.

The doors and drawers are better painted when they’re not attached to the cabinets, and they will get in your way while you are painting.

The hardware on the other hand can not only get in your way but will easily get paint on them while you paint unless you remove them.

5. Clean Properly

To properly paint your bathroom cabinets you will need to properly clean them with a good cleaning solution and this includes the various kinds of dust and grime that can accumulate overtime on the surface.

By doing so you will ensure that your bathroom cabinets ultimately look like nicely painted cabinets and not cabinets that have painted over a coat of dirt.

6. Remove Sanding Dust

One of the important steps in preparing to paint your bathroom cabinets is in sanding the surfaces that are going to be painted.

After having sanded the surfaces, you should remove all of the sanding dust that will come off from the sanding process because otherwise you will likely find said dust in the paint and that is not the look you’re going to want for your bathroom cabinets.

7. Allow Time To Pass To Dry

The last thing you should consider (for now) when you’re painting your bathroom cabinets is the importance of letting time pass to allow surfaces to dry.

If you don’t let surfaces dry before you move on to the next step, you’re going to face fairly bad painting issues, which we will cover in another article on the subject of cabinet painting issues and how they can be fixed and prevented.

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