Five Remodeling Ideas For Your Small Bathroom in Horsham, PA

2021-08-06 Aspen Painting Wallcovering Horsham PA Small Bathroom Remodel

5 Remodeling Ideas For Your Small Bathroom in Horsham, PA

A lot of people will look at a small bathroom and think that they are pretty much stuck with a rather unfortunate design — after all, how can you possibly make anything happen when you have a small bathroom?

The issue is that people’s imaginations are being limited based on the small size, but it’s not at all necessary — you can do a lot with a small bathroom if you are open to it.

Let’s look at and consider five remodeling ideas for your small bathroom in Horsham, PA.

1.Lighter Colors Are Better

One thing that you can do to ensure that your small bathroom doesn’t look nearly as small as it actually is is to stick to lighter colors when you’re looking at the wall colors as well as the colors of the things that are going into the room.

This is to say that there are some darker colors that will give the perception that the room that you are in is smaller, which is pretty much the last thing that you’re going to want to do when you’re already in a smaller space.

2.Airstones For Your Bathtub

There are many ways that you can improve the look of your bathtub, and though some of them require extensive remodeling, there are some that will allow you to make your bathtub look nicer without even spending much more than a few hours of work.

One such improvement is the notion of adding airstones to your bathtub — they’re nice-looking stones that are made of recycled material and are applied to the exterior of your bathtub (you would assuredly not want these on your tub interior as they would likely make for an uncomfortable bath!

The nicest thing about this kind of improvement to your bathtub is that it looks as though they were carefully crafted for your bathtub and not just added afterward.

3.Hanging Shelves

One of the biggest issues that a person might have when they are working with a small bathroom is that there are few places to store things.

This is a pertinent issue as a bathroom is a place where you are likely to need to keep things that are necessary for things that are only done in the bathroom.

To help increase the storage space that you have in the bathroom, you can add some hanging shelves in the bathroom — these will allow you to keep more things in the bathroom while not making the bathroom appear that much smaller.

Bear in mind the individual heights of the people that will be making use of the bathroom and not put things out of reach of anyone — unless of course, you want them to be out of reach!

4.Narrow Crown Molding

Crown molding can look really nice in your bathroom, but if your bathroom is small and your crown molding is large, it will give the overall appearance of a small bathroom.

You need not fret, however — all you have to do is to replace the existing crown molding that you have with crown molding that is more narrow.

Of course this likely sounds like a difficult task and it may benefit you to make use of a licensed contractor to help you get it done but it will be well worth it as it will give the bathroom an overall larger look.

5.Bigger Mirror

Lastly, consider the size of your mirror and the effect that its size will have on your bathroom.

If you have a shorter and more stout mirror, for example, it will make you think that the room is small.

If your mirror is taller, on the other hand, the overall perception will be that the room is larger.

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