7 Tips For Painting Your Kitchen Island in Ambler, PA

7 Tips For Painting Your Kitchen Island in Ambler, PA

When you’re looking around the kitchen and thinking about how you’re going to possibly improve the look, one thing that you may want to consider is how your kitchen island looks, and what you could do to specifically make said island look nicer.

You can very well take the time to paint your kitchen island, but if you also make use of certain tips and techniques you will find that it will end up looking possibly even nicer, and also cost you less and take less time.

With that being the case, let’s look at seven tips for painting your kitchen island in Ambler, PA

1. Making Sure To Use The Right Kind Of Paint

One of the first things you’re going to want to do when you’re looking to paint your kitchen island is to make sure that you’re using the right kind of paint.

Of course, you will know well that you are going to make use of interior paint since you’re painting something on the interior of your home, but that may not be enough — you should use a paint that is going to be easier to clean since it is in the kitchen and there tends to be a greater chance of a need for cleanable surfaces.

2. Sanding Before Painting

The painting of an interior surface will be much easier if that surface is smooth before you start the painting process.

One way that you can make this more simple is if you make use of some sanding blocks to make the surface that much more smooth – and you have to also clean the sanding dust off before you continue with the process.

3. Making Use Of Primer

Additionally, in the realm of making your island surface as smooth as possible, you are going to want to apply a coat of primer to the surface of the island that is going to be painted.

In addition to making the surface more smooth, it also makes the surface more adhesive and therefore gets the paint to stay on that much longer — surfaces painted after being painted with primer keep the paint longer than those that do not.

4. Laying Down Protective Drop Cloths

When you’re painting your kitchen island, you might be as careful as possible but there’s still going to be some dripping involved.

This is rather unfortunate but you can take advantage of the fact that good protective drop cloths are readily available for you to lay down on the floor before you paint.

5. Wearing Protective Gear

Speaking of protection, you are going to also want to wear certain kinds of protective gear before you paint your kitchen island.

Wearing a protective face mask while you are cleaning, for example, will keep you safer from the dust that kicks up.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to wear clothing you don’t mind getting painted as well as protective goggles that will shield your eyes from the various things that are in the air during the painting process.

6. Consider Cushions

Part of the process of painting the kitchen is painting surfaces that are low to the ground. 

Because of this, you will have to be close to the ground for long stretches of time and so the best thing that you can do to make it that much more comfortable is to have a cushion so that you’ll not just be sitting directly on the ground or crouching for too long.

7. Allowing Time To Dry

Lastly, you need to make time for your surfaces to dry — for when you paint on a wet surface, you will have paint issues down the line.

Ensure that enough time passes that surfaces are always dry before you move to the next step and you will be okay.

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