5 Reasons To Hire A Pro Painting Contractor for Interior Painting

Is your home’s interior paint job looking a little dated and worn out? A fresh coat of paint can minimize surface wear and tear, and improve the aesthetic appeal. If the current paint job is starting to show signs of paint failure like paint peeling, flaking, and chalking, interior repainting can quickly reverse that.

But why would you hire a painting contractor instead of doing it yourself? Well, there’re plenty of benefits that come with professional interior painting services. The most obvious ones include superior quality and assured durability. Let’s explore more reasons why hiring a pro is the best option;

1. Superior Quality

Professional painters have the skills, training, and experience working on projects just like yours. They have the best paint techniques and will provide the best quality service compared to DIY painting. Additionally, the work will move smoothly with minimal interruption to your daily home routine.

2. Quality Paint Products

Experienced painters know the best paints and paint supplies to use for different situations. They will match the most suitable type of paint to your kind of wall, and vary the formulation based on the surface condition. Quality paints are generally easier to apply, produce better quality coverage, and offer long-lasting results. If you use inferior paints, the paint might start peeling, flaking, or fading prematurely.

3. Saves time

When you take the DIY painting route, it might take you several days to complete a single room. If our professional painters do it, they will move much more quickly. Over time, we’ve learned time-saving tips and tricks that help us move faster without compromising the job quality. Besides, we can adjust the number of crew members if you have any tight deadlines to beat.

4. Safety

Interior house painting is probably not the most dangerous home improvement project out there. However, if you have a home with extra tall walls and you’ve never painted a house while twenty feet up in the air, you should probably hire a pro. Generally, working with things like electrical sanders, ladders, and scaffolding with little experience offer plenty of room for accidents and injury.

5. They Have The Best Tools

Professional painting contractors paint for a living; this is what they do every day. For this reason, they have invested in some of the best painting tools and technology in the market to produce excellent paint jobs more efficiently. They have invested in the best quality scaffolding, ladders, electrical sanders, different paint rollers and brushes, paint trays, etc. It won’t be viable for you to buy all these items for a single paint job only to shelf them in the garage unused for years to come.

6. Insurance

As earlier mentioned, plenty of things can go wrong during residential painting. Hiring a professional painting contractor provides some level of insurance for your property. For instance, if they just completed painting and it starts raining, ruining the paint job, they will come back and fix it. Secondly, in the unfortunate event that your property gets damaged during painting, the pros have an insurance cover that will take care of the resulting repair and replacement charges.

The Bottom Line

Professional painting contractors save you time, produce high-quality results, are insured and come with a wealth of skills and experience, and just the right tools for the job. So if you don’t have painting experience and the right tools, you should consider hiring a pro.

If you haven’t identified a painter for your interior painting project yet, Aspen Painting would love the opportunity to be your favorite painter. We offer professional residential painting services in areas of Horsham, Ambler, Dresher, Ft. Washington, and Blue Bell. Call us today on 215-773-8422 for a FREE estimate to get started.

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