Bathroom Cabinet Painting On A Budget In Ambler, PA

Bathroom Cabinet Painting On A Budget In Ambler, PA

Your bathroom cabinet may be one of the most well crafted pieces of furniture in your home, but if it has been a while since it was painted or perhaps it wasn’t painted well, to begin with, it may well not look as good as it is.

However, one of the big obstacles that people face when they are looking to paint their bathroom cabinet is the budget — it can be quite costly, though if you make use of certain tricks you can bring down that price.

With that being the case, let’s have a look at some tips for bathroom cabinet painting on a budget that will get your bathroom cabinet looking nice.

1. Make Use Of Mistinted Paints

One interesting way that you can bring down the cost of your painting project is to make use of paints that were mistinted.

If you are wondering what the term mistinted means, that is quite understandable — you just have to imagine a couple of people who go to a paint store to get a very specific shade of paint that they want.

These people then go back to check on their paint and find that the store did a great job but just did not meet their exact shade need — and this means that the people won’t buy that exact tint, but you will have the opportunity to do so at a discount.

The only caveat is that you won’t necessarily find the exact color you want — but the price will certainly be nice.

2. Borrow The Painting Equipment

Another important way that you can make your painting project go down in price is to simply borrow the equipment that you will be using for the duration of the project.

Of course, this is a lot more easily explained than actually done because it requires having a friend or family member that will be willing to loan you the equipment.

The other thing to bear in mind is that borrowing equipment isn’t actually for everyone — if you have more than one painting project in your future, it will likely be worth actually buying the equipment.

Buying the equipment would seem to be a bit of an unnecessary step if you are fairly certain that you aren’t going to be making use of it any time soon.

3. Thrift Your Hardware

Speaking of equipment and its use, you might want to consider the hardware that is on your cabinet and how good it looks — and is there hardware that might even make it look better?

If your first thought regarding hardware is that it is necessarily going to be an expensive part of updating the look of your cabinet, know that this does not have to be the case.

If you have a look at your typical thrift store, you may find that in addition to toys and books and games and the like they will sometimes have hardware for cabinets — and it’s entirely possible that you will be able to get good cabinet hardware at a great price.

4. Measure Before You Paint

In making sure that you don’t spend too much money on your paintwork, you should take into consideration the actual cost of the paint and primer, which can be quite high if you get too much of it.

If you measure the surfaces that you are going to be painting, however, you will be sure that you are not going to buy too much of either the paint or primer — and that you don’t buy an insufficient quantity, which would also be irksome and costly.

Making the time to measure will also help keep you on a good schedule.

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