Decorative Style Guide Horsham, PA: Modern Décor

Decorative Style Guide Horsham, PA_ Modern Décor

Decorative Style Guide Horsham, PA: Modern Décor

The beginning of a new year is the best time to shake things up in your home a little as far as design and decoration are concerned.

If you’re like many homeowners in Horsham, PA, you probably want to update your décor, interior paint, and maybe add a piece or of new furniture.

In this article, we will share tips on how to create a modern interior look in your home without spending too much.

Here are our thoughts;

Implementing the Modern Interior Décor Design in Your Home

Coming from the post-war period and tinged with elements taken from the industrial era, the modern decor bridges the old and the new, the functional and the decorative.

This style of interior decoration incorporates minimalist aesthetic elements that blend the color palette, patterns, architecture, and furniture, with touches of color integrated into the simple and elegant decor.

Smooth curves and straight lines are dominant, while reminders of nature are sprinkled in the design generously.

Contemporary decor vs. Modern décor

Although contemporary and modern styles are often used interchangeably, they are not the same.

The contemporary style corresponds exactly to the word that describes it: what is being created and happening at the moment.

It is not specifically associated with a particular era and borrows elements from different eras.

The modern style, meanwhile, is specifically associated with an era, representing a mix of the pre-industrial style and the traditional style.

Modern Houses: Clean Lines and Elegant Interiors

When we mention modern decor, what comes to mind, among other things, are windows that are installed where walls were previously located.

Outside the house, flat roofs marked right angles, and intentional asymmetry are among the recurring architectural elements.

The modern style stands out from traditionally congested spaces, adopting simplicity instead.

Modern interiors are clean and refreshing, with interior walls usually painted white, sometimes enhanced with a touch of a glossy sheen.

Although the white walls sometimes have the reputation of being monotonous, in modern interiors, they are rather clear and refreshing, serving as a basis for highlighting the meticulous details that are integrated into the decor of the room.

Besides, floors are often stripped and made of natural materials with a neutral tone. Polished concrete or hardwood are two common floor coverings in modern décor.

Modern furniture seeks to incorporate materials from the industrial era.
These include molded plastic, wood, and polished metals.

Structurally speaking, the furniture is often raised above the floor, to maintain a clean and refined look, while creating an ethereal effect.

Minimalist Elements

The modern style is inspired by minimalism, pushing the idea of putting less for a greater impact.

Therefore, the rooms of a house that has adopted the modern style are uncluttered, leaving room for small details.

Color palettes often stick to shades of silver, black, and white, although primary colors such as red and royal blue are often incorporated into the theme.

Earthy tones and natural hues are less common in modern decor. Also, like minimalism, the modern style often uses geometric shapes and patterns, both in terms of furniture design and accents.

Squares, triangles, and curved shapes are common here, and so are metal or glass accent pieces.

Natural materials

The modern style incorporates many natural elements.
Wood, stone, leather, and linen are among the most commonly used. Think of materials that are warm and add texture without being too garish.

Hardware components are typically made of brushed aluminum, polished stainless steel, glass, and plastic.

When wood is used, the surface is often painted to hide the natural grain and give a more “finished” appearance. Wood is also used to contrast with metal or glass objects.

If you plan to adopt the modern style, try to find a balance between these materials.

As you can tell, creating a modern décor style is not that complicated –chances are what you need is already within your reach.

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