Do I Need A Color Consultant When Hiring A Painting Contractor?

Do I Need A Color Consultant When Hiring A Painting Contractor?

If you recently built a home or are planning to remodel/repaint your current home, you might be agonizing about the best color to use. Whether you’re doing interior or exterior home painting, choosing the color can be both exciting and a little scary. Choose the wrong color and it will stick out like a sore toe, for years to come!

With too many hues available out there to choose from and the never-ending, varying advice and opinions from friends and family, making the final decision can be quite overwhelming. Hiring a color consultant may help you choose an objective color scheme for your home that will create a balanced ambience while accounting for color trends. Below are some of the main benefits:

Benefits of Hiring a Paint Color Consultant

• They Can Save You Time: Even if you have a favorite color already, going through all the available hues, undertones and possible combinations can burn up a lot of your valuable time, in addition to being exhausting. Working with a color consultant will save you time because they have already researched the best color combinations for your situation or type of project. They can help you to narrow down your options just within the first meeting.

• Added Creativity: Repainting your home is not just about changing the color on the wall or cabinets. A lot of things have to be considered for you to pull off a creative finish –lighting, ambiance, color mood, surrounding colors, the purpose of the room, etc. For instance, if you’re not planning to replace your existing furniture and accessories, a color consultant will work with what you already have to recommend really creative color combination ideas.

• They Know Key Differences in Colors: Red might be your favorite color, but is it the best paint color for your bedroom? A color consultant will be able to point out various undertones in your favorite color that will work best with your project. Some of these shades might not be obvious to an untrained eye, but with a little help, you can always find the best balance.

• They Know the Newest Decorating Trends: if you’re like most homeowners with busy lifestyles, you probably don’t have time to keep up with the latest decorating and color trends. Your color consultant can share the top trends for the year as well as timeless colors that won’t be going out of trend anytime soon. And if you’re planning to resell your home, you’ll definitely want to know what buyers might prefer.

• Objective Third Party: When there’re varying color opinions from different family members and you just can’t seem to arrive at a common color palette, a color consultant can be an objective mediator. Your consultant won’t take sides but will find creative ways to combine your favorite colors or incorporate a few colors into the best color palette for your home.

When You Don’t Have to Hire a Color Consultant

Hiring a paint color consultant indeed offers plenty of benefits. However, unless your decorating project and ideas are highly detailed and sophisticated, you might not need a paint color consultant if you’re hiring a painting contractor. Many residential painting contractors are often more than happy to offer free color consultation with each approved painting estimate.

At Aspen Painting, for instance, we have years of experience in interior and exterior painting and can help you choose the best colors for your project with each approved painting estimate, at no extra cost. We offer professional residential painting services in areas of Horsham, Ambler, Dresher, Ft. Washington, and Blue Bell. Simply call us today on 215-773-8422 for a FREE estimate to get started.

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