Garage Door Painting Mistakes To Avoid In Horsham, PA

While mostly forgotten and overlooked, your garage door contributes to your home exterior’s overall appeal – and its overall condition and appearance could improve or bring down its overall appeal.

However, this is something a fresh coat of paint won’t be able to fix up!

As easy as a garage door painting project may sound, if you do get into it hastily, you’re just going to set yourself up for failure.

So, to ensure that your latest painting project goes well, here’s something you’d want to read before getting into it!

Here are Garage Door Painting Mistakes To Avoid.

1. Skipping Surface Preparation

Attempting to paint a garage door without proper surface preparation is a recipe for disaster.

Many homeowners overlook surface preparation as a critical step towards painting their garage door, under the impression that the paint alone will hide any imperfections present on the surface.

As a result, they end up with a paint finish that is messy, uneven, and prone to paint problems such as peeling, chipping, or fading – which will eventually happen shortly after finishing the project!

So, prior to applying a coat of paint on your garage door, make sure to do proper surface preparation first.

To do this, you’ll want to clean your door first by thoroughly washing its surface to remove any build-up of dirt, grime, or residue that might have gotten on it over time.

Then, you’ll want to use sandpaper to smooth out any rough patches or flaking paint, ensuring a clean and even surface for the new coat of paint to adhere to.

2. Neglecting to Use a Primer

Most people overlook the importance of primer in any painting project, and deem the whole thing as an extra material they’d just be spending extra money on.

However, the difference between a great paint finish and an abysmal one is – guess what? – a coat of primer prior to the application of the brand-new coat of paint.

Primer will help your coat of paint adhere better to the surface, essentially preventing the occurrence of paint problems such as peeling, flaking, and cracking.

Additionally, primer could also act as an extra layer of protection for your door material – which essentially saves you from an expensive garage door renovation sometime in the future!

So, make sure to invest in a suitable primer that complements the type of garage door material you’re working with, and you’re off to a great start in your project!

3. Applying the Wrong Kind of Paint

One of the most common mistakes the average homeowner makes in painting their garage door, or really any painting project, would be applying the wrong kind of paint.

In any painting project, you should be getting a specific kind of paint suited for the type of project and surface you’re going to be painting.

You’re going to need fence paint for your fence painting project, roof paint for your roof painting project, and paint suitable for garage doors in this case.

You’ll want to opt for high-quality exterior paint (usually best for garage doors) that is specifically designed for metal or wood surfaces, offering excellent protection against UV rays, moisture, and temperature fluctuations.

While investing in quality paint may cost more upfront, this can actually help you save over time as you get a solid paint base on the get-go – in contrast to frequently repainting and redoing your project due to low-quality paint!

4. Forgetting to Check Weather Conditions

Another crucial mistake you should be making in painting your garage door would be forgetting to check the weather conditions prior to the project.

The weather can significantly impact your paint’s application and drying process and can result in uneven drying, poor adhesion, or paint blistering.

Generally, you’d want to paint your garage door on a day with mild temperatures – ideally between 50 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit – and moderate humidity levels for optimal paint application.

Avoid painting on extremely hot days, rainy days (for very obvious reasons!), or windy days that can cause dust and debris to stick to the wet paint, leading to an unsightly finish.

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