Home Office Painting With Less Mess In Blue Bell, PA

Home Office Painting With Less Mess In Blue Bell, PA

The painting of a home office may not seem at all necessary when you’re working on your own, and yet it can really help you with productivity and the overall feeling of doing a good job in your home office.

What’s interesting about a home office painting job is that it can be a bit on the messy side, yet with a bit of effort on your end you can avoid these messes and make for a much neater painting project.

It’s the kind of thing that won’t occupy too much of your time but at the same time will help you to save in that you aren’t going to have to spend so much effort cleaning up the messes that get made during the painting process.

With that being the case, let’s have a look at some tips for home office painting with less mess that will make for a better looking home office.

1. Removing Furniture

Though it might seem like quite a time consuming process, the removing of furniture from your home office is indeed one of the things that is going to help you to avoid making a mess while painting.

For in addition to getting the furniture out of the way and thus removing entirely the possibility that you will get paint on it, if you don’t have the furniture in the way you will remove stumbling blocks from your path that might trip you up quite literally and make it harder to get around the office.

It’s quite possible that some furniture won’t be so feasible to remove and what you will want to do is to get it as much out of the way as possible and to cover it with a generous tarp or drop cloth so it doesn’t get paint on it.

2. Use Appropriate Equipment

Though you may want to just get your whole painting project done with just one paintbrush, this isn’t the most efficient way to get your office walls painted and certainly can lead to more of a mess,

There are many tools that are more appropriate for covering the walls of your home office and that are more efficient such as a paint roller — you won’t have to spend nearly as much time and effort covering the large areas of your home office walls that need to be painted.

Additionally, by making use of these kinds of appropriate hardware you will find that you have an easier time applying the paint to the walls, making for a more pleasant painting project.

3. Use Painting Trays

You could try to get paint on your paint roller by dipping your paint roller directly into a paint bucket, but this is far from the best way to get the paint applied to the roller and is more than likely going to cause quite a mess in your painting project.

The better way to go about doing this is to make use of a painting tray, which will help you to better apply paint to the paint roller and in many cases help you to get excess paint off of the roller so that it won’t end up making a mess on the floor or the walls.

The other good thing about making use of a good paint tray is that it will be a lot easier to move your paint from one area of the room that you are painting to another than trying to transport the entirety of the larger containers of paint that keep your paint for you in between applying paint to the walls.

4. Stir Paint Cans Inside Disposable Bags

The better way to mix up your paint and get them to be well blended, color wise, is not to try to shake up your can as you don’t have the ability to shake up the cans the way that your paint store does, thus getting bubbles in the paint that you will see on the walls after you have finished applying the paint and primer and perhaps even while you are doing so.

However, even when you are stirring your paint with a good paint stir stick you have to be careful not to allow paint to splash on the floor — and it’s quite easy for this to happen when you have your paint can just open on the floor with a sizable paint stirring stick mixing and stirring it all up.

To avoid splashing paint on the floor, what you can do is to stir the paint in the can in a disposable bag (such as a shopping bag) and that way if any paint splashes outside of the can it will land not on the floor but in the bag itself.

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