Here Is Why Your Paint Job in Horsham, PA Is Failing Prematurely

Here Is Why Your Paint Job in Horsham, PA Is Failing Prematurely

Wondering why the paint job on your home in Horsham, PA, is failing? This is one of the most common concerns homeowners in Horsham, PA, experience –premature paint failure.

Regardless of the quality of the paint job or paint used, paint eventually succumbs to wear and tear from daily use and exposure to harsh elements.

However, if your paint job is failing much sooner than you expected, there is a problem.

In this article, we will share common reasons your paint job in Horsham, PA might fail prematurely.

5 Reasons Your Wall Paint in Horsham, PA Is Failing Prematurely

1. Poor Surface Preparation

If you’re not an expert painter, this might come as a surprise. But, 80% of your paint job success is determined even before you open the paint can.
Thorough surface preparation encourages proper paint coverage, adhesion, and color retention.
All the washing, paint stripping, sanding, caulking, and patching is what makes the paint last longer.
The effort, tools, and patience required to handle surface preparation for most paint jobs is the reason most homeowners prefer hiring painting contractors in Horsham, PA.

2. Painting On Wet Surfaces

While surface preparation is essential, many DIY painters who are in a hurry tend to paint over wet surfaces or surfaces that aren’t completely dry.

Painting over surfaces that have moisture is a common reason for poor paint adhesion and premature paint failure.

This commonly causes paint bubbling and peeling as the moisture trapped under the paint film tries to escape.

Besides, trapping moisture under a paint film forms the basis for secondary problems like mold and mildew growth.

3. Poor Paint Quality

Using cheaper, low-grade paint might save you some money upfront. However, you eventually end up spending more on paint touchups and repaints due to premature failure.
Cheaper paints have fewer solids and critical active ingredients that lend the paint its protective qualities.

Many times, cheaper paint will produce inadequate quality coverage and inferior color retention.

On the flip side, you can expect better paint adhesion, superior color retention, and ease of use when working with high-quality paint.

Ultimately, extended durability and low maintenance costs are express rewards you get for choosing high-quality paint from established, reputable brands.

At Aspen Painting, we understand this, which is why we only use superior quality paints from reliable brands like Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.

4. Using the Wrong Type of Paint

This is not a major, common mistake, but when it happens, things can get quite messy. You need to know the type of surface you plan to paint, and a bit of paint chemistry to pick the right paint.

For instance, trying to apply latex paint over a poorly prepared surface that has old oil paint will result in improper paint adhesion and premature paint failure.

Also, painting the exterior with a paint formulation meant for interior painting will lead to paint flaking, peeling, and bubbling, sooner than later.

5. Painting In Unfavorable Conditions

While you might be aware that painting in the rain is impractical, not many DIY painters understand the consequences of painting in hot temperatures or humid conditions.
A professional painting contractor will know just when to schedule the job for the best results, and if they feel it’s critical to put the project on hold temporarily, they will do so.

The Bottom Line

Many things can shorten the durability of your paint job, but keeping the above main ones in mind will set the basis for a durable paint job.

As you may already tell, the best way to get high quality, durable and flawless paint results is by hiring a professional painting contractor like Aspen Painting.

If you need professional help with your home painting project, our team at Aspen Painting can help.

Our residential painting services are currently available in Ambler, Dresher, Ft. Washington, and Blue Bell.
Call us today on 215-773-8422 for a FREE estimate to get started.

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