Interior Painting Blue Bell, PA: Paint Color Ideas for Your Living Room

Interior Painting Blue Bell, PA: Paint Color Ideas for Your Living Room

The living room is where we like to receive relatives and friends from having a good time together.
Set the tone for this space by choosing a color that perfectly matches the atmosphere you want to see here.
The main living room of the house bears the signature of your personality.
Simple and relaxed? Modern and refined? Attached to traditions? Whatever your style, the ideal paint color is one that will reflect it most faithfully.

To help you choose the most beautiful colors that will adorn the walls of your living room, ideas below, and find the one that best reflects your taste in decoration.

Need ideas for painting your living room? Refresh your space with these popular colors.

Go to the neutral zone.
Neutral colors are often chosen when designing a living space.
Indeed, it is not uncommon for the living room or the family room to open onto other rooms of the house; a magnificent neutral will allow you to dare more striking colors in adjacent rooms.
When it comes to neutral tones, the best choice is style: warm hues will usually be inviting and cozy, while cool undertones give a chic and modern feel. And do not think that the choice of white denotes a lack of imagination.
White comes in many shades that will highlight your artwork and furniture.

Color as the Centerpiece

If most of the prominent elements in your living room are neutral (e.g., carpet, flooring, and fabrics), then the walls’ color can take on a whole new dimension and be a piece of decor in its own right.
But such a choice cannot be made lightly. Go to an independent paint retailer and pick up a sample of the color you want to see how the color changes over the day depending on the light.

Raise the tone
Do you want to create a striking effect with bold color but doesn’t stifle the space? Paint only one wall, which will serve as an accent.
Choose a wall in your living room that is a natural eye-catcher, for example, the wall with a fireplace. Opt for a color that matches the entire space – fabrics, rugs, and accessories.
You can paint the other walls in a lighter shade or choose a shade that matches the accent color.

Everything lights up

The light conditions in your living room have a definite impact on the color. In a room flooded with light, one can afford saturated colors, while pastels tend to look washed out.
To make it easier to choose an appropriate color, consider the temperature of the room. A cool hue can counterbalance a very bright light, while a north-facing room will look cozier if its walls are painted a warm color.
Choose paint in a matte finish to reduce light reflection in a naturally bright room or soften the feel of a rather dark one.

Your living is your family space, so feel free to experiment a little and even go beyond the ordinary.
If you’re feeling a little creative, consider adding an accent wall to infuse a bit of fun and interest in your personal space.

As always, if you don’t have the skills or tools to handle your painting or touch up, you should consider hiring a professional painting contractor in Ambler, PA.

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