Interior Painting Horsham, PA: 5 Tips to Visually Enlarge Your Rooms

Interior Painting Horsham, PA: 5 Tips to Visually Enlarge Your Rooms

We all have those smaller rooms or spaces that we wish they were slightly larger.
Well, the good news is you can use creative painting techniques to make your space seem larger, brighter, and more comfortable.

If you’re planning for an interior painting project in Horsham, PA, here are some tips on how to make your smaller interior spaces seem a little bigger;

Interior Painting: Favor Bright Colors

Besides the colors, the texture and effect of your interior paint also affect the perception of space.
The matt paints tend to visually reduce the size of the room because they “catch” light.
In contrast, glossy, lacquered, or satin paints reflect light sources and therefore enlarge the room visually.

Bright paints are suitable for areas such as the corridor. The action of these bright colors can be enhanced by placing mirrors in strategic places: for example, on the wall opposite a window.
Note: Before applying gloss paint, the surface must be prepared carefully: with glossy or lacquered paints, all imperfections are more visible.

Painting and small spaces: play with contrasts

Brightness has a significant impact on the perception of the size of a room.
Applying a light interior paint on the darkest walls of the house gives the impression that the whole room is bathed in light.

This optical effect will make your spaces more spacious and pleasant to live in. Remember to minimize the decoration of your walls using shades of colors (gradient of the same shade).

Note: to avoid overloading your space, don’t exceed three colors.
Combine three shades of the same color, from the darkest to the lightest on the wall with the least light and on the ceiling.

Painting and Small Spaces: Creating an Impression of Height

Low ceiling rooms tend to reduce the feeling of space and create a feeling of congestion.
To counteract this effect, and increase the feeling of more space, play with the colors of the floors and ceilings.
Choose an interior paint shade lighter than the walls for the ceiling.
Shield this effect by opting for a floor of the same tone.
Note: remember that the interior paint colors chosen must sync with each other and with the furniture in the room.

Interior Painting and Small Spaces: Use Patterns with Caution

To break the monotony of a room, it can be tempting to opt for patterns and graphic effects.
But they quickly overload a room, especially if your decor uses plenty of trinkets and other decorative objects (paintings, posters, etc.)

However, fine strips can have an interesting optical effect.
The vertical bands give an impression of height while the horizontal bands emphasize the depth.

Traced with care and in a lighter tone, these strips can dress up a living room or bedroom while allowing it to gain depth.
They must be traced on an already painted wall, where the markers for painting the strips have been perfectly delimited.

Be careful, as with any other trick in small spaces, use this technique sparingly so as not to make your space seem too busy.

The Bottom line

Using creating painting techniques and careful color selection can help you make your otherwise smaller room seem larger and brighter.

However, if you need professional assistance in visually enlarging your interior with paint or general interior painting in Horsham, Ambler, Dresher, Ft. Washington, Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, Aspen Painting can assist.

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