Residential Painting Ambler, PA: How to Touch Up Paint.

Residential Painting Ambler, PA: How to Touch Up Paint.

Dirt or marks on the wall attract the eye and make the painted surface look dirty.
On some smooth-surfaced walls, most marks and dirt can be easily cleaned, but even on them, sometimes all that can solve is a new application of paint.

While some walls may need a complete painting, it’s possible to touch up small areas.
Areas with high levels of foot traffic such as doors, hallways, around latches, baseboards, and switches, require regular, semi-annual touch-ups.
If some areas in your Ambler, PA home need a little paint touch up, here is how to go about it;

Preparing the Walls

Wash The Walls.

Soak a sponge in soapy water and squeeze it out.
Wash the walls with the sponge to remove surface dirt, marks, and grime.
Dry the wall with a clean towel.
Dryness occurs on some smooth, painted surfaces after repeated washing.

Apply The Primer To The Walls.

Pour the primer into a paint tray. Use a stain-blocking primer for dark marks.
Deep the roller in the primer and then up and down the tray to remove the excess. Saturate the roll without soaking it to the point of dripping.
Apply the primer with the roller over the washed area of the wall.
Apply a single coat and wait for it to dry before applying paint.

Painting the Walls

Open the paint can. Detach the cover with a flat-head screwdriver.
Turn the can upside down for about 20 minutes if it has not been touched for many months. After 20 minutes, turn it off and remove the cover.

Mix up the paint with a stirrer for 5 minutes.

Pour the touch-up paint into a clean tray.
Saturate the roller with paint. Roll the roller against the edges of the tray to remove the excess. As with the primer, your roller should not be dripping with paint.

Apply The Paint.

Roll the brush or roller from the center out of the retouched area with a clean, dry brush. Lift the brush when approaching the edges of the retouched region. Brush gently around the edges of the area. Work with a flat-edged brush to blend the paint well with the rest of the wall.

Allow the first coat to dry before applying the second coat. Use the same methods you used in the first one.

Pro Tips:

• You’ll find it difficult to touch up the exact color of a wall when you don’t have an old can of original paint, or at least its name, number, type, and brand. As a last resort, you can use a pocket knife to cut a thumb-sized sample of your paint and take it to the paint store, where they can produce a mix that is an exact match.

• Before starting any painting, move the furniture away, remove everything that hangs on the wall, and spread a cloth or newspaper for the splashes on the floor. Cover nearby objects and lamps

• Touch-up cannot fix faded or dirty walls in some rooms. If you smoke indoors, live in a sunny area, or it has been more than a year since you touched up the paint, your retouching attempts will now probably be quite obvious. In this case, you might choose to repaint the entire wall in question.

• If you are touching up a small area, not an entire wall, use a small or medium roller to cover the affected area.

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