Kitchen Painting Prep To Learn In Ambler, PA

Kitchen Painting Prep To Learn In Ambler, PA

When you’re engaged in any given painting project, you are going to likely wonder how you can do a better job and to have a painting project that will cost you less, look better, and last longer.

One of the best things that you can do for your painting project is getting properly prepared to do it, and when you are painting your kitchen this is absolutely no exception to this truth.

With that being the case, let’s have a look at some tips for kitchen painting prep to learn if you want a well painted kitchen.

1. Pick Out The Color

Though people typically don’t think of the selection of the color as part of the prep work involved in painting the kitchen, it is actually one of the more important things that a person will do when doing such preparation.

This is because if you don’t know what color or colors you want your kitchen to be, it’s going to be quite difficult to actually make the purchase of the paint.

In order to best choose a good paint for your kitchen painting project, it’s best to have a good look around the kitchen and see what colors you see in the room and get inspiration from that.

2. Measure Surfaces

When you’re going to be painting your kitchen, it’s key to know how much you are going to be painting and this is something you can figure out by measuring the surfaces that are to be painted.

When you measure these surfaces, you will be able to assess how much paint and primer are going to be needed for the project, which will help you to save money in that you won’t be buying too much or too little of them.

You’ll also be able to get a good estimate on how long the project is going to take you, which will be good since the room is one of the most important ones in the house and it will be helpful to make a careful timeline so that you don’t have the room out of usability for too long.

3. Remove Unnecessary Furniture

As part of your preparation for your paintwork, you are going to want to try to remove as much of the furniture that you can from the room before the painting begins.

Doing this is going to be helpful because everything that is in the room that doesn’t have to be there that can stand in your way may be a major impediment for you, and it could also get in your way as you are trying to get to the surfaces that need to be painted.

The other reason that it’s such a good idea to remove this furniture from your kitchen is that you generally are going to try to keep paint off of the furniture, and by removing the furniture you will eliminate any possibility of this.

If you have to leave some furniture in the room you can of course move it away from the walls being painted and cover it with a tarp so that paint does not get on it.

4. Clean And Sand

Lastly, one of the big things that you will likely need to do to get the kitchen prepared well is to fully clean and sand the surfaces being painted — the walls, that is.

The walls are going to have to have the dirt and dust and possibly grease from kitchen use cleaned off of them, and then once they are dry you will want to gently sand them so that they are smooth and ready for primer.

After that you will again need to clean a bit to get the sanding dust away from the walls and allow time for them to dry — and they will then be ready for primer.

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